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Advice on flying

g1gop Member Posts: 17 Connected
Hi, I have not flown for over 18 years. I have become disabled and not good health since then.
A friend has invited us out to south Spain (flying to Malaga).
I use a CPAP, I use a mobility scooter (I can walk short distances but think trying to run a car from a AAA battery). I have meds but nothing drastic (blood pressure (controlled), pain killers (codeine ), gout meds and vit D). So I do not expect any of them to be a problem (I have a copy of my prescription). I could manage with a carry on bag and my CPAP in it's bag. I have absolutely no idea about whats needed. All this about liquids etc is totally new to me.
To be honest it's stopped me going anywhere. I have problems with my cognitive abilities.  Taking new info in is very draining for me(yet I can remember PI to 12 places! for example). It would be nice to take up the offers of going abroad and pos taking some trips to places. I understand that I will need to sort out a scooter or similar at the other end on trips, so we do not need to bother with sorting that. Wilst I am sure to people that fly often, it may sound straight forward, I only ever flew on business and never had to bother with any details(I was lucky).
So at the moment what I need is some one to put VERY simply what I need to do/have. What I need to tell the airline etc.
A simple 'list'. I don't need/want at this stage loads of options. Just 'do this, this and this. GO!

Can anyone help please?


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,422 Disability Gamechanger

    You can arrange airport assistance and to do this you need to book it through the airline you're traveling with, in advance. When i've flown in the past i always arrange this because it's much easier and sometimes the walk to the gate is very long. You will also have assistance when you arrive in Malaga because they will arrange that as well.

    Your medication will be fine and will go through without any problems at all, you won't need a repeat prescription.

    The CPAP machine needs to be in your carry on baggage, not baggage that's being checked in. You can take it in a separate bag if you want and it's not counted against your luggage allowance. Do not leave any water in the humidifier. It will need to be inspected when you go through security and it will be put through the xray machine. Taking your CPAP prescription maybe useful. If you need to use it during the flight then some airlines require advance notice.

    Carry liquids through security... Each liquid must be 100ml or less and be placed into a transparent see through re-sealable plastic bag. You can buy these at the airport before going through security. The cost is approximately £1 per bag.

    Have a great holiday.
  • g1gop
    g1gop Member Posts: 17 Connected


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