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Breach of personal data

Hartley Posts: 114 Courageous
Couldnt see my other post so started again..

Adult autism service sent my full report to wrong address...The person at this address fully opened the report and read it....i'll explain later how i know she read it all..

She called the Multidisciplinary team and said she had someones report at her address..And whoever was on the phone at the centre.,told her my actual address and she brought it down to me...

In doing so...the person at the centre fully exposed my private address and put a name and address to the report...

I cant believe the person did this..
Not only was it bad enough the report went to the wrong address..but upon finding this out..the centre gave a complete stranger...they know had opened my report and gave out my full address..They should have said "please return it to us..or please destroy the papers"

if the lady at the address had never been told mine..she would never have had a name or face to the report..

its doing my head in the more i think of it...ic ant believe they did   this..

The family(lady) who received the report is ,in absolute truth..the worst family down my couldnt make it up...Alcoholics....fighting most days.,..the postman hears them...i think all of the kids have issues..and im not looking down on them,,but if you wanted it not to go to a family...these people would be it..

It must have made her day...its obvious to me at least she'll tell people..

but back to the point!....ive reported it to the ioc..And emailed the adult autism services and told them what a loop im on at the is totally concerning and i asked who did it? or rather requested they must look into this....Friday i sent the email at 8am..they open at 9am..No reply at all....not even an acknowledgement..I assume theyve gone on red alert and had an emergency meeting ...I was told by the IOC that by law they have to,within their own the incident to a governing body(cant remember who that is)

Im wondering what theyll do? The Adult autism assessment centre?....the report had my private details concerning my condition ,how it effects upbringing...Things ive never told anyone.


  • Hartley
    Hartley Posts: 114 Courageous
    I cant believe the assessment centre ,posted very important ,very private documents to a wrong address.

    The lady who lived 5 doors down.Received my Autism diagnosis report.She saw my name on the envelope window,but it had her address on it and was put through her door  no 29...
    No "private and confidentail" stamp on envelope.Just standard white.

    I was having to take a slow walk some houses away from myself ,when i saw this lady who shouted out to me(i dont even know her)other than she and her family in all truth are a nightmare...lots of arguments.drugs etc...

    She shouted " is your wife in"(im not married and am separated from ex partner but residing there due to my conditions until i find a bungalow) I said "whys that?" and she came over to me and said "youre *****" I said yes and she handed me an opened envelope and it was my report.
    I was dumbfounded!"

    She went proceeded(while i was processing all this) with "ive got mental health issues....i use to drink 1ltr of gin a day,even cut myself some time back"   I then,being startled and having to think on my feet ,said " life can be stressful ,2 To which she said" you should try PIPS..youl easily get it with THAT"...THAT! Clearly indicates to me,that she read the whole sodding lot...

    The diagnosis, the detailed disclosure of my upbringing...details i havent even told me ex partner of 19yrs...

    I asked how she knew where i lived and she said she called the adult services on the letter and they told her "so sorry,that is meant for no **"
    So they willingly, gave my private address out to a complete stranger!...and sent extremely delicate information out to the wrong address.

    I have to mention youll never believe it..
    Later that day...i saw her again in pass.....i was outside getting fresh air...and she said..." with your pains, i'll get you some marijuana-help you sleep" I told her "thats ok"

    Low and behold, she came round that early evening(yesterday-the same day she received my diagnosis report..And handed me a small amount of pot in a rizla...I couldnt believe it...

    I called the IOC and they stated i need to complain to the nhs assessment centre and i could actually claim for damages..

    That i'll only do .,if this nightmare woman down the road ended up coming to my door that would be absolutely genuine stress caused..

    Im still in total and genuine shock about all this..

    Shes trawled through everything about present difficulties..Im shocked & livid.

    Thing is...i need to reply on the assessment centre as evidence for my PIPS and UC claims....its beyond me as to what to do..

    I cant undo what this lady has read....I can only hope shes got a terrible memory..but thats hopeful thinking.

    Anyone with experience in date protection?

    Oh and i placed another request on here..concerning,where can i find information on how to fill in the PIPS questionnaire?

    Please dont say my area theyre a so sorry to say...
    They nearly cost myself and ex partner, both our claims...had we actually gone ahead and followed their suggestions. 

  • Government_needs_reform
    Government_needs_reform Community member Posts: 859 Pioneering
    That's pretty horrendous what has happened to you, all I know if that happened to me I would have to move as I've had neighbours from hell before and it's no nice.

    It makes your situation worse by reading all your personal paper, I really feel for you.

    Don't get friendly with that person she will drag you down.

    Take care.
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    You can see the video here.

  • susan48
    susan48 Community member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    It’s actually a criminal offence to open someone else’s mail, in Scotland anyway. Report this to the police and a complaint to who sent it 
  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,882 Disability Gamechanger
    Complain. This is the only thing to do at this point. Some people are idiots, I am sorry. 
  • Hartley
    Hartley Posts: 114 Courageous

    Yep! i did just that....sent email to the assessment centre because it dawned on me....Not only did they send to wrong address...but by giving a complete stranger over the actual address then in turn completely linked me to the report..
    If the person on the phone had instructed the lady " please destroy ot send back to us" she would never have known who i was...
    but giving my private address out over the phone to someone who has clearly told them she has opened the letter has completely compromised me. Do you see what i mean? was bad enough someone seeing my report....but at this point   the lady never had a face to link it to...Im livid in all honesty...

    This lady and her family will clearly tell people as it must be a nice juicy story for her to recount.. 

    I reserved the right to inform whoever i chose..that i have been diagnosed with trying not to ruminate over this to much as it was raise merry hell with all my other physical issues..

    Just cant believe this has been done!
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 10,600 Scope online community team
    This is absolutely horrendous @Hartley. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now and it does seem to be one enormous failing after another on their part.
    Please do complain.
    Community Manager


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