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Inconsistency in my care from gps and Drs/specialists.

Tobias Posts: 46 Courageous
Had appointment with MSK, muscular skeletal...not sure what the K stands for..

Need another operation on right its jacked up in there pretty well!  lots of crepitus....Loud crunching .,grating,clicking & popping! Sounds like a well known breakfast cereal!

My point is....the Dr stated upon examination,very extensive one.."Obviously you know yourself ,theres something  wrong in there with all the crunching" to which i stated///

"you will not believe the amount of Drs and gps that have told me " oh thats nothing...many peoples joints make noises "

And this is my point....My first shoulder rotator cuff surgery(that all this present issue stems from) i was made to wait 7yrs+ before i was even M.R.I'd....They kept sending me on a merry go round and never committing as they put it down to the Fibro/cfs....its really disgusting the level of care ive had in all honestly and im not picking but have hard factual evidence.

Now ive been told theres metal fragments in the shoulder from the titanium screw anchored in my bone..and any steriod injection could end up causing a severe that appears to be off the table.

Been forwarded to the original Surgeon who completed the first major shoulder op...3 months in a sling and inability to move it at all...end of 3rd month i could just about crawl my fingers up a wall to horizontal.And at this stage.,.they call you and and say "successful shoulder op" without any pressure testing at all...never used my shoulder as i couldnt...Took a year before i could do a press up....Helped x brother in law and felt and heard a domino effect of pops ,like peas in a pod all exploding one after the other...Only way to explain it really!

So something in there went wrong...supaspinatus tare...possible cartilage break,but need contrast m.r.i for that....and bursa inflammation .,.blah blah blah! Intense tendonitus.

Now i have to have another op to clear out all the junk..

Well...i have the exact same sound and sensations in the lower neck region near my c5 c6 stenosis...herniated disc(large) permanently pressing on my spinal cord..And again..12+yrs of being told "oh everyone has noises in their joints"

So,this Dr i saw monday about the shoulder has made me realise ive always be right...i know whats going on in my body..and when you try to explain it all..within a 10mins window of an can come across a neurotic....but they just do not hear you....

Fortunately .,.this one Dr "and theyre out there"   has ignited me to push forward again and have a whole round of m.r.i's done and someone actually take in whats going on in the other areas of my body.

Was just wondering what other peoples experiences of the medical field has been?  im not trying to encourage anyone to bash the nhs...but if it is what it just is....Simp,y say it how youve experienced it..

Ive been fortunate in the past where i couldnt understand why people complained about waiting times for app's as i always seemed to get one in 1-2 months...until a couple of years ago and since then ive been waiting alot longer..

Something is happening to the nhs and im feeling it....cost cutting..gps being encouraged and TOLD to give lower end drugs...59 million use to be Englands head count, now isnt it 69+million people....And im my local area 2 surgery and 2 major new estates with 1000s of new residence.....cant get through the town due to grid lock and months waiting for a gps app....told to call at 8am...."you are number 55 in the queue"



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