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What Three Words - the app that could save your life?

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"The emergency services are now urging people to download it, as it could save your life one day.

Called what3words, the app divides the entire world up into 57 trillion 10 foot by 10 foot squares. Each square is then given an individual and unique ‘address’, made up of three random words.

The app is particularly useful for the emergency services if someone in need of help is in an area that they aren’t familiar with, or doesn’t have an address, like a field, forest or mountain. It is also useful in situations like an emergency at an outdoor music festival, which is a large open space and filled with people.

Instead of relying on general directions and vague descriptions, the what3words app instantly provides the unique address, allowing the emergency services to find your exact location.

From the emergency services’ end, they can type in your three word location and be given accurate directions to find you.

The app also does not need a phone signal in order to tell someone their three word location."

This comes from an article on inews.

(Please be aware that if you do this and tell people what the three words for your home/work/location is online, strangers online will be able to locate you.)
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