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Pip assessment no points!

Tommyowens85 Member Posts: 28 Listener
Hi all, 
        So finally after over 2 years of forcing myself to “ be a man “ and suck it up I’ve finally asked for help after many requests to do so by my wife, who can clearly see I’m struggling and has noticed a massive drop in what I can do now compared to before. 
I applied for pip.
 I have copd and have alpha 1 deficiency  
A dislocated elbow ( from not long after birth) which I have been to many specialist appointments and have been told there is nothing that can be done as it’s been in treated  now for 30 years as it wasn’t picked up. Left with restricted movement and constant pain. 
Also suffer from severe anxiety and depression since I was a child and continued throughout my life. Leaving me unable to go out in public and in my car without someone usually my wife 

Filled out our forms as honest as I can, can’t walk without severe breathlessness/ pains in chest ( not like I will walk outside anyway due to anxiety similar to agraphobia) 
can only drive 1-2 times a week due to pain in arm and fear of going outside also 
cant wash in bath between shoulders due to restricted movement in arm and again copd makes it such a Struggle etc
and other things, don’t need to go into too much detail unless you
guys need that but rest assured it was detailed and with examples as many of you guys had said to do.
but onto the medical assessment...
i couldn’t drive to it as my anxiety was sky high, my uncle took me and waited outside for me.  felt so poorly it’s unreal, not only going somewhere I don’t know also having to see someone I don’t know never mind being scrutinised by a stranger. I was in bits. 
My wife came with me, not nice for her to see me like that but it was out of my control but glad of the support. 
Woman seemed nice, patient as I was slow into assessment room needing a stop along the way to rest and catch my breath. 
Bag of nerves in the room, out of breath when I finally got to my seat and sweating bad.
skip to assessment report coming through the door. 
0 points for everything
used the same reasons for all 
1.on “standard medication for copd. 
(I take Trimbow currently with rescue steroids and antibiotics during a flare up) if you guys know Trimbow it’s a combination of 3 meds’ for moderate to severe copd not the first medication they give you 
2. Doesn’t regularly see receive doctor/nurse for copd ( I have a care plan in place and require yearly checkups to make sure meds are working and lung functions apparently that’s normal in my doctors surgery)
2. Can drive a manual car. So must have sufficient movement in arm Although stated I can only drive 1-2 times a week due to pain and let’s face it I will put myself through that pain 1-2 times a week to get out the house to my mums around the corner. that’s not as much as needed or most often than not safely as I need my wife to change gears for me half the time. 
3. I have mental diagnoses but not taking and medication. (I explained that I was taking so many medication eg beta blockers, anti psychotics, diazepam Zopiclone the list really does go on and on, I was bleeding from my stomach. Passing blood and throwing up blood, had cameras down throat and all was inflamed and in a bad way. Ambulances being called so I stopped taking them it doesn’t mean my anxiety/depression is better )
she even went as far to say that as I could walk 20 metres to her room and I was fine and no breathlessness observed ( pure lies I was half dead) that she expects I can walk 200 metres with no problems. 
And  i guess she means repeatedly safely etc 
think id drop before hitting the 100 mark never mind repeatedly. 
Sorry for ranting there really is a lot more too it than that but my main question to you
all is.
if I call case worker or at m.r
can I get them to disregard the comments about standard medication, the frequency of my care.
even argue that 20 - 200 metres is a massive guess at ability. She  Even stated that I cant  put my arm behind my back or neck yet and said that’s I’m keeping with evidence yet stated she thinks I will be fine to wash between shoulders hair and back???
very annoyed and will be fighting it. 
without posting a book on here it’s hard to give you all a decent insight into he whole thing. 
Hoping I can get it changed before a decision is made but will they take what I have to say into account? 
My fev says I have 48% lung capacity yet wasn’t used as eveidence for assessment for some reason. 
I’m sure at tribunal I can argue my case and it’s quite clear. But would rather not have that looking over me and the waiting makes my anxiety go awol 
Thanks guys 


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,122 Disability Gamechanger

    You can certainly try to speak to a case manager/decision maker by ringing DWP when they open. If one isn't available when you ring you can request a call back. Don't expect too much at this point, even if you do manage to speak to someone. They mostly go with the report, it's rare to go against it but it can and does happen.

    Did you send evidence to support your claim?

    Washing/bathing activity, washing your upper spinal region is not considered for this activity because lots of people who don't have a disability are unable to wash this part of their body.

    If the decision goes with the report then you'll have 1 month from that date to request the MR, which you should put in writing stating where you think you should have scored those points and your reasons why.

    Avoid mentioning any lies/contradictions that may have been told in the report because DWP/Tribunal won't be interested in any of those. Most MR decisions remain the same so you'll very likely have to take it to Tribunal.

    Have a read of this link, it will give you a better understanding of the descriptors and what they mean.

  • cristobal
    cristobal Member Posts: 984 Disability Gamechanger
    @tommyowens85 - I'm sorry to hear of your problems...

    I think that it really is worth looking at the descriptors quite closely because, as Poppy mentioned, two of the issues you say you have problems with aren't covered by PIP (driving, washing upper back)

    Have a read of the guidelines, and then maybe ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration using more relevant examples.

    Good luck - you'll find that there is a lot of advice on here if you need anything further...
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,545 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Tommyowens85 and a very warm welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear that the report was so inaccurate and I appreciate how difficult these documents are to read. 

    If they do go with the report then you'll have the option to appeal and take it to Mandatory Reconsideration.

    You also might find it useful to look at the breakdown of the descriptors.

    Many of our members have been through this process and know what it is like. If you need anymore support or guidance then please do let me know. :) 

  • Tommyowens85
    Tommyowens85 Member Posts: 28 Listener
    Thank you all for your comments, I will take a closer look at the descriptors, from the self test you can do I should have scored 23pts for living and 22 for mobility so even without the 4pts for washing spinal area I would expect more points than 0. Although it’s my shoulders arm and left side in general I can reach with my arm. 
    I am  requesting all relevant records from my gp today to have them ready for appeal or tribunal. It is difficult when given no points as it makes you feel like your no believed. Would have rather had a few points and still not qualified and had to appeal than none whatsoever. But I am trying to be well prepared and will fight the decision best I can. I think maybe as I’m younger than usual for copd she took one look at my file and already decided. If she knew anything about alpha1 she might not have been so quick to discriminate. 
    Any how I will keep you all updated on progress of m.r/ tribunal and hopefully will be able to post some good news 
    thanks again 

  • Tommyowens85
    Tommyowens85 Member Posts: 28 Listener
    Edit to previous post, * I can’t reach shoulders arm and left side. Auto text had me there sorry 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,122 Disability Gamechanger
    It's very easy to over score yourself with the PIP self test, especially if you don't fully understand the descriptors and what they mean. So many people over score their self, which is the reason this link isn't always helpful.

    When you receive your medical records have a look through them to see what's relevant because sending huge amounts of evidence isn't always a good thing. Less is very often more. PIP is about how your conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activity based on the PIP descriptors and not about a diagnosis.

  • Tommyowens85
    Tommyowens85 Member Posts: 28 Listener
    Yes I will bear that in mind poppy. my copd nurse who knows me well and my struggles is in the process of writing up a letter explaining what I have difficulties with, and other points in my report such as supposed standard medication etc. So that is a definite to send as it will describe what I can/can’t do. So should help with descriptors  
    And should have a letter from my arm specialist stating there is nothing more they can do for me so will put across why I no longer am under care/receiving treatment for that. If they ask for xrays I know I will have them here to send at a later time if needed. Also my mental health records of needed. So just trying to be prepared but will just send what’s relevant as you said. Saves me though having to request other stuff at a later date. 
    Read carefully through the descriptors And I can see that I am most def entitled to more than 0 points.

  • Cressida
    Cressida Member Posts: 982 Connected
    @Tommyowens85 there are loads of stories on this site from members who scored 0 then went to enhanced so stay positive! You have had some great advice from @poppy123456 and @Chloe_Scope. This site is invaluable.
  • Tommyowens85
    Tommyowens85 Member Posts: 28 Listener
    Thanks Cressida? yes this site and the knowledgable people here  give hope to a lot of people. A wonderful place 
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,545 Disability Gamechanger
    Thank you for your kind words @Tommyowens85, I'm glad you have found the site beneficial. If you need anymore information then please do let us know, I wish you the best of luck with your reconsideration!


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