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Hello every one getting bit chilly. Some simple soups for any one to use.  A soup can be useful in two ways.

First many soups I eat are vegetable and we all need our quota of vegetables.  Lots of them have antibacterial properties good for our immune systems

Second  many I make our not difficult to do and by using a simple blender. Some of the range of vegetables that the supermarket has. Some are diced, sliced, some are frozen.

Also there are ingredients that the supermarkets have make it easier for every one to consider creating their own soups.

I buy jars of Passata these are tomatoes whizzed up, blended and ready to use for making soups, sauces.  You can buy them in most supermarkets. I tend to go for the Italian brand but supermarket own OK.

You can get them in cartons handy size.

Not got a blender use a food processor.  Many come with attachments and slicers.  Graters for all sorts of vegetables or cheese.

I think it is important for any one who is a beginner not sure where to start and how and I want the desire to make my own soups. Understand every one has this problem I did.

What is necessary make a plan and recipe in stages to your self use paper write it down and bullet it . Itemise what do I need.  

Go through this carefully. Think of your safety and be aware.  It is fine if you know what you doing I have been doing some of these recipes for years and even I  forget.

Simple ways from the start.  Get everything out you might need. Get a notepad I need the following.

I am also sterile, hygienic in the kitchen so first.  When preparing anything have sink full of hot water, hand soap, towel and old tea towels. Pans can get hot have these nearby to use for handling pan lids and handles , double over. My oven mitts.

Boiling Kettle useful.  Bowls and jugs my knife.  Any thing to stir have a plastic container of kitchen utensils.  To hand nearby.  My stockpot or pan for soup.  Olive oil. Any condiments, herbs, seasonings out to hand any measuring spoons.

My plastic chopping boards. These I bought from Amazon multicoloured ones for Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Bread, Meat, Chicken, Beef, Pork.  Use a damp cloth underneath to hold chopping board on top of another wooden chopping board.

Steadies your hands and you feel safe no knife will slip.  Besides you are going to use this not a lot.  Just for cutting off tops of vegetables.  Food processor does the work.

Vegetables going to use from the fridge and stores. My food processor or blender.

So we begin.

All you need is the following a good stock is the basis of any good soup... What have you got at home any left overs vegetables can be blitzed up with vegetables granules or bouillon. Buy what you can afford. I use Bistro range of products.

Make up a pint of that to any vegetables you have left over.  From a boiling kettle. Use oven mitts to lift kettle as it heavy for my hands. To a stockpot. Then cover leave on the hob a couple of hours, low heat. Then allow to cool then blitz up blender or food processor in stages.

In restaurants they do this all the time.  Then use a bowl with a sieve a fine one to pass through any bits or residue. That is your stock made. Keeps in the fridge.  For weeks or freeze it.

Used all my soups home made stock and saves me a lot of money. I also use Passata.690g jar use half of that.

With tomato puree and tomato Ketchup a touch to make it give some tomato flavour.

Herbs what have you go any fine or dried mix or fresh Parsley. Your soup. I use herb mixes dried like Herb Provencal a half teaspoon.  Use Bay Leaf. very strong just one.

These are my soups I use .

You will need any stock a pint plus half jar of Passata. 690g.

With Herb Provencal half teaspoon .  You need tomato puree, Tomato ketchup a squirt of each.  Into a blender.

Blitz up to a bowl to measure out using ladle.  Or use a jug.

With an Onion chopped, sliced using food processor top, tail and add half to food processor either slicer or in food processor or not got Onions use Leeks sliced and washed.

You need Cannellini Beans with these recipes, these are a white bean useful in soups.  Drain these in to a bowl.

LEEK POTATO  Use Leek used one large one. Sliced, diced. Olive Oil. sauté colour means going lightly opaque with a diced Onion season with Black Pepper to taste.  On a medium heat.  I find your in control of the heat have it on a simmer if that helps you.

Understand pans can get hot so use old tea towels to hold pan lids and saucepans.

Tin of Potatoes drained or use any fresh diced up. Nothing wrong in using Tin Potatoes already cooked. Dice up fresh into half. I use baby Potatoes just cut through. In to a sieve wash then to saucepan or stock pot.

Simmer in stock soup you made the quantity . Cover add Bay Leaf simmer half hour till vegetables cooked, check potatoes with a knife .  If cooked will go through.

Add Tin Cannellini  Beans.  A portion.  I used for myself one large serving spoon.  Cover till cooked through taste does it need Pepper check it does your soup.  I never put Salt in Soups got salt in the stock and  also anything else like Tomato Ketchup.

Another five minutes be cooked.

As that is it.  Ladle out in to a bowl with crusty bread or toast.

With the same method you just done. Add some Celery to make Celery Potato ones.

Use food processor slicer to cut Celery or just dice yourself.   Careful and slowly .

All quantities are for two people but you can double for numbers.

You can also microwave the soup in a Pyrex dish the next day. On hand and simple to store in the fridge to hand.  Get hungry have a soup.

Please ask me any questions happy to do so.  If I can help will do so.

Once you learn to do a simple soup you can expand and start creating your own.

Very satisfying and enjoyable of course you saving money lots of it. Those tins expensive.

Take care.

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