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edited September 2019 in Work and employment
Hi everyone. This is my first time on here. I am 54 and I suffer quite badly with osteoarthritis that affects most of my joints. It has deteriorated quite rapidly over the past 10 years which causes problems with mobility and dexterity. I used to work as a senior carer and NVQ Assessor, working in care for 25 years, hence the arthritis. I had to give up my job that I loved, even though it was low paid, because the pain was getting too much to cope with. When I was receiving JSA, I was given conflicting information from the job centre and told to apply for jobs that I could not physically do, or had experience to do. I found the whole experience depressing causing anxiety which made the pain worse. I would love to work and do something worthwhile. I am looking at working from home. Is there anyone out there with a similar story or can offer some advice and tips. Thank you



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