Working and ESA

Hello -
I have a job interview for a position that is 12 hours per week and less than the £131.50 per week permitted by DWP and so I should be able to accept the role if I am successful at interview. However..... I have two queries: 
1) how do I know what is 'permitted' work? It's as a 111 out of hours call handler for IC24.
2) although the contract will be for 12 hours per week there is a 3 week training period which will be paid and 9-5 Monday to Friday.
Is a fixed training period taken into account when starting work and remaining on ESA? I will not be on full-time wages/hours for more than the 3 weeks.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you all!


  • poppy123456
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    Permitted work can be any work but you need to get permission from DWP before starting work.

    I'm afraid that any hours you work that are 16 hours or more per week then you won't be entitled to any ESA for those weeks and your ESA will stop. Whether or not you'll be able to continue claiming ESA after those 3 weeks then i'm not really sure because your claim may close because of the hours you're working, even though it's training, you're still working and being paid full time hours.

    Also do be aware that if any work you do contradicts the reasons why you're claiming ESA then you could be assessed early and the work may go against you when a decision's made on your assessment.