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What Next

csno01 Member Posts: 277 Pioneering
Hi Guys, 

Have you ever had that feeling where you have come back from somewhere i.E. Social activity, seeing a friend thinking what now then? I find this on a regular basis and feel as I need to be occupied with something to take my mind off it. What is your coping strategy?


  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,946 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @csno01 I'm sure many of us can relate to how you're feeling. Do you have any hobbies you enjoy?
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  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
    edited September 2019
    Yes I can certainly relate @csno01.
    This is why I work part time in a office at a airport and have taken up art as a hobby too. My suggestion is to find a hobby or learn a new skill.
    What about joining a fitness centre or gym as well? Or you could apply for jobs, look at volunteering opportunities, or embark on a course at a local college. Make a short list of life goals too. Find out more about volunteering positions etc.
    Read this article on ways to keep occupied. 

    Have you seen our post on Have a Go month yet? It has some more useful suggestions https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/63503/have-a-go-month-what-would-you-choose#latest.
    There are lots of art classes available- have a look online or call/email for more information. 
    Best wishes! You could also take up a sport like horseback riding or fishing if you are bored at home and need a break! What about a learning vacation? They are a new type of break designed with education in mind. Have you ever tried fly fishing (not to be confused with fly tipping) or cooking? For more information on learning vacations, please see this article on the topic at https://www.momondo.com/discover/article/the-best-learning-vacations
  • deb74
    deb74 Member Posts: 777 Pioneering
    Hi @ cno01. I used to volunteer in a charity shop and I loved it. I met loads of people and made some friends.it is a great way to spend your spare time!
  • Ails
    Ails Member Posts: 2,256 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @cno01, what about volunteering here on Scope as a Community Champion?  You will find it so worthwhile, fun and a great way to meet new friends.  You don't even have to leave your armchair to do it.  It certainly has helped me, but I can also relate to the way you feel at times.  It is good to keep busy.  :smiley:
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