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should I MR ?

mumofthetwins Member Posts: 41 Connected

Hi Guys

so I found out last Friday DS has been awarded standard PIP (its his first claim). I am just thinking that it might be worth submitting a MR request ?

I recived the assessment report back and there are a couple of contradictions ..

washing and bathing - he was awarded 0 but he is a nightmare, in the type up from the assessment and on the original pip form we had stated how he needs to be supervised washing and brushing his teeth and also he normally has to be sent back into the shower as he never does it right ?

socialising - he was awarded for needing someone with him, however he will not talk to strangers (only talks to around 5 people) and there are occasions that when sent to different classrooms at school he has had a meltdown and I have had to collect him and its taken a full day to calm him back down .. he will not enter a room of strangers by himself never mind talk to them.

managing nutrition - he was awarded for using adapted cutlery but nothing for the prompting which was mentioned in the write up from the assessment and in the original pip .. it states that I call and stay on the phone until he has gotten his lunch if im at work.

cooking - he was awarded for using adapted cutilary but nothing for the fact that he regularly will leave things half way through cooking and will also rush things .. I was worried about him not cooking food properly so I prepare all meals for him.

planning journey - he was awarded 2 (I think) but he cant plan a journey .. she even asked in the assessment if he was in a car without someone who knew where to go could he direct them and he said no (which he cant .. he got his uncle lost when he tried to take him to school) he will only ever get the scholars bus if his brother is with him but most of the time me or his grandad take him. Also the assessor has said he finds his way around school ok but she never asked this as if she had I would have told her that he has been at that school for 6 years and it is a small school and when he first started he was always getting lost, yes he can manage it now but that is due to the fact that he has been in the same class and it has signs all over the school.

overall I think he has around 10 points from what I have worked out ... but should know when the decision letter arrives

most of the others seem ok .. she did comment how I was answering for him but as per one of my earlier posts I should have been his assessor as we had had it approved etc but DWP hadn't ticked the box on their end.

Im at work at the minute but received the assessment report yesterday and I know I need to wait until the decision letter arrives .. what do you guys think ?





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