Neighbour from hell

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[Edited by moderator] a senior manager at Lloyds Bank HQ Bristol a record of his nefarious activities, each reported to Lloyds Bank and the Police where applicable.                                                                                             

View[Edited by moderator]and ‘Banker Behaving Badly’ on YouTube and/or Google and witness his despicable conduct, (featured in a TV documentary to be broadcast soon).

1. CCTV of [Edited by moderator] shouting threats, abuse and videoing his neighbours at their premises.                                                                                                                                    

2. Assaulting neighbours physically and verbally, captured on CCTV and audio.

3. Offensive and unlawful TEXTs sent by [Edited by moderator]……..                                                         

a) TEXT ‘My (Lloyds Bank) secretary gives [Edited by moderator] when I’m allocating bonuses’     

b) TEXT ‘Kompany and Fernandinho (Manchester City footballers) are [Edited by moderator]’.                                                                                                                                            

c) TEXT ‘[Edited by moderator] (Lloyds Bank CEO) has no balls because he was off sick at the ‘Priory’ for 6 months suffering from a nervous breakdown.                                                       

d) TEXT claiming ‘He would wind up 2 occupiers from the commercial site opposite his house (that he wanted gone) so much, he would let them [Edited by moderator] him and then get them done’.                                                                         

Plus more TEXTs of a similar grossly offensive nature.

4. When asked by friends the wealth of his landowner neighbour (that he was in conflict with), he answered ‘neither the landlord or his wife bank with Lloyds Banking Group and never have had accounts with us’. Within his ‘position of trust’ how did he determine that information, had they banked with Lloyds he would surely have snooped their accounts?

5. He was prosecuted by the local authority, when caught on covert CCTV watching his dog defecate outside a neighbour’s premises and not clear it up, in spite of being asked to.

6. He signed an ABC (Acceptable Behaviour Contract) issued to him jointly by South Gloucestershire Council ASBO team and the police.

7. [Edited by moderator] received a solicitor’s letter from the owner of the commercial site opposite, warning of legal proceedings if he trespassed on the site again. He confided to a colleague that he would lose his job at Lloyds Bank if that happened, he hasn’t trespassed since.

8. He attacked a 71 year old man who’d parked briefly on the road outside his house; the incident was captured on CCTV also witnessed and video/audio recorded by a bystander.  

9. The 71 year old victim of the attack and one of the witness’s (who’d videoed the attack) were months later arrested and held in custody, after the video of the attack had been uploaded onto YouTube, (by persons unknown), the charge was ‘uploading the videos’, (which were/are factual and not menacing in character) ‘because it discredited [Edited by moderator] in front of his staff and jeopardised his job at Lloyds Bank HQ Bristol’.                     

After interview they were released and no charge was pursued. 

The instigation of this wrongful/false arrest was likely influenced by Lloyds Bank as stated by [Edited by moderator] uncle a senior Freemason or incompetent/corrupt members of Avon and Somerset Police, possibly a combination of them all.                                                                               

Lloyds Bank has been apprised of the activities above which has brought Lloyds Banks name into disrepute; does [Edited by moderator] represent Lloyds Banks values?    

He is presently still clinging onto his job at Lloyds Bank?

You’re views, opinions, suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello @ata_loss
    Welcome to our community, I can see that this is your first post.  I have moderated your post as it breached our terms of use.  We do not allow the naming of people, and certain language you used has been removed.

    If you need to, you can read our community guidelines 

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    @ata_loss. You have described a person's behaviour in detail but I am confused as to what your main area of concern is. Are you concerned: 

    - About the person?
    - About the reputation of Lloyds Bank?
    - About the neighbours?
    - About mentally ill people having jobs?
    - About the legal system? 
    - About the mental health system?

    What would your ideal outcome look like for this scenario and how do you think members of this  Scope forum can mostly help you? Are you in need of emotional support around these events and is it having an impact on your own mental or physical well-being? 

    I hope you can help us understand What kind of support you mainly need. You sound very distressed about it all.