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reasonable adjustments eczema/allergies

Hello, my son is 3 and has just started pre-school. I'm wondering what reasonable adjustments I should expect/what you've experienced.
There is a 1-8 adult-chid ratio and they aren't managing to watch him, he scratching, having allergic reactions and they aren't noticing because there are 7 other children. I feel there should be something in place to help him more and watch him. I can't have him coming home bleeding every day.



  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
    Hello @izzyproudfoot

    Personally I’d be looking at all my childcare options. Speak with the nursery manager about your concerns, but be prepared to withdraw him from there in case. I had similar problems trying to make local mainstream nurseries take my son with poor bladder function. I visited /emailed five or six in the area with lots of questions. All declined. So I stopped looking at that point. 

    Can you afford private childcare? I eventually chose not to send my children to nursery as I take them to work with me each week (I work with children as a babysitter during the week). Ask around. Do you have any friends who can help? My neighbors watch my two if I have no other option. 

    There are lots of childcare websites out there. is one. You have to make a account first. Or you can search for special needs childcare online.

    Have you ever heard of Surestart Centres? When the twins were a baby, I found them helpful. I got lots of useful advice on employment choices and education options were discussed as well. There are activities on offer.
    You can also use your weekly childcare allowance up this way if you wish to. It is a relatively low priced alternative. Find your nearest centre and go in to see what is on offer for new daddies and mommies. It is a great way to meet new people. 
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,997

    Scope community team

    Hello @izzyproudfoot and welcome to the community. 
    This is something quite close to my heart. My youngest hasn't started nursery yet (he's only just turned one) but he has a range of severe allergies and we've been thinking ahead to how they'll be managed when he starts nursery and eventually school. I'm really sorry to read your son is having such an awful time with them at pre-school. It must be heartbreaking to have him coming home bleeding.

    Have you asked them what policies and procedures they have in place to deal with allergy management? I would also push to find out if they have an allergy management plan in place for your son. I've found that there's unfortunately a lot of ignorance about allergies and the effects of them.
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