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Results of two good days !

Smileygotwell Member Posts: 30 Courageous
Hi, been a while I know, however just thought I’d show you the results of a couple of better days for me.
A friend of mine makes and sell crafted sticks (walking, guiding etc; she even has a ‘husband prodder’ At the mo’! Y’know; “ok you, make us a cuppa!” Stick!) and wanted a stand to show them on so, with the weather fine and me reasonably mentally together, I dragged all the tools out of the shed (where there’s no room to swing a cat - although, maybe if I had a smaller cat . . .?)
i got the wood, just a softwood, and set about the first task after it was to size, a halving joint in the middle of the base, which considering my unfamiliarity with the new saws I was using, went really well.
The following day, I discovered my 
late Uncle’s old Bosche router, and cutters, which along with my hole saw, old drills and chisels enabled me to do a more than half decent job. Yes, there are a few faults but the important bits are right and she was really pleased with it!
Glad the job was done and out of the way as this morning, with loud crashes of thunder, came the most colossal downpour, ruling out working outside for the day.



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