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Hiya from Norwich!

Aimz2shine Member Posts: 19 Courageous
I'm glad I found y'all! I hope to be able to meet like minded people, possibly make a friend or two, and help out any way I can with all the various DWP headaches one goes through (climbed that hideous mountain). I'm a firm believer in striving to take control of your disability, not let it control you. I personally suffer from chronic lower back pain, due to nerve impingement. The medical community have put me out to pasture, as they believe there is nothing more they can do for me (been refused surgery, as well). So I, too, am in the "grin and bear it" situation most of us are in. I hope to meet more of you on here, and will be more than happy to be a sounding board, if needed. All the best for a meaningful and productive life for everyone! ?



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