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ash5896 Member Posts: 141 Pioneering
I’ve managed to bag myself an interview for a job. I’ve gone through the first two stages and have now been invited for a face to face interview. 
Because of my disability I can only wear certain types of trainers which have to be modified and changes made to them for braces shoes are a no no. 
I’m just wandering when I go for the interview this will obviously stand out. Should I explain why I’m wearing trainers? I can only wear trousers that are made of cotton as man made materials cause havoc and lots of pain in my legs. 
I really want to make a good impression and hopefully get the job. 
Any advice greatly appreciated 


  • Matt_Scope
    Matt_Scope Scope Navigate service Posts: 56 Pioneering
    hi @ash5896 My personal opinion. If its a formal sort of interview and yo are restricted in what sort of clothes you can wear, I think  probably would make a small passing reference to it.  If its more of a casual role I may not bather.  Either way I wouldn't make a big deal over it, concentrate on the important bits of an interview, and how to show you are the best person for the job.  In most jobs that don't require formal dress or uniform I'm sure this wont be a significant factor in whether you get the job.    Good Luck
  • ash5896
    ash5896 Member Posts: 141 Pioneering
    Thanks Matt, the job is working with the public so you need to be smart I suppose but it’s not a job where you would be expected to wear a suit. I’ve not been in work for about 8 years and really want to get back in. 
    I’m worried about the questions they may ask around my disability too and in the past I think it has gone against me. Interview is under the guaranteed interview scheme too so I hope that’s not the reason I’ve been invited. I am really wanting the job as well and it’s something I know I can do successfully 
  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
    Good luck @ash5896! Keep us posted on your interview. 
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,167

    Scope community team

    How did you get on with this @ash5896? Have you heard back yet?
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  • ash5896
    ash5896 Member Posts: 141 Pioneering
    edited October 2019
    Hi Adrian

    ive not heard back as of yet. I was interviewed under the guaranteed interview scheme so unlikely I’ll get the job. 
    It really annoys me I know o can do the jobs that I apply for. I applied for a scanning job with the NHS a few years back and one of the questions I was asked was how I would carry files. At the time I didn’t know about the equality act that I know now and I can only assume that the reason I wasn’t given the role was because of my disability. 
    I apply for so many jobs and it just gets you down constantly being knocked back. 
    I do honestly believe that my disability is the issue 



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