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pip tribunal, successful with epilepsy?

PetPet Member Posts: 16 Listener
edited October 2019 in PIP, DLA and AA
still waiting for a tribunal date for pip appeal, I have epilepsy. How many have been successful


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,662 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Pet, I hope you are not waiting much longer! 

    Here is a thread that is also discussing PIP and epilepsy that you may find useful: https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/64646/pip-and-epilepsy#latest
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  • cristobalcristobal Member Posts: 965 Disability Gamechanger
    @Pet - it depends on how your condition affects you carrying out daily tasks not on a diagnosis.

    My daughter has epilepsy - she's very fortunate that it can be controlled with medication so she doesn't qualify for PIP..

    Good luck with your tribunal...
  • jakijaki Member Posts: 8 Listener
    My friend was successful with her epilepsy they did take money away tho at review. She has to always be to be reassesssed incase she wakes up one day and kapow it's gone,
  • saz11saz11 Member Posts: 121 Pioneering

    I am currently in receipt of pip for epilepsy. I have been awarded on two occasions enhanced mobility but was refused daily living component on both occasions .I applied MR each time and i was successful.
  • Joanne_ScopeJoanne_Scope Helpline, Scope adviser Posts: 190 Pioneering
    Hi @pet,

    Good luck with your tribunal.

    I agree with what has been said already. PIP is not about your diagnosis, it is about how your condition affects you.

    Epilepsy Action  has some really useful information about PIP and Epilepsy. Well worth reading.

    If you have any questions before the Tribunal we will try to help!


  • Laurajayne31Laurajayne31 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    Pet said:
    still waiting for a tribunal date for pip appeal, I have epilepsy. How many have been successful
    My mum recently won her pip tribunal. It has been a lengthy process and she has had to appeal and add to her application. We had a lot of help from welfare rights, I would strongly advise speaking to them, they know how to word things properly. The pip tribunal date finally came and they called to say she has been awarded it and we didn't actually have to go to court, the judge reviewed it beforehand and decided to award it. All I can say is you have to tell them all your answers as if it were on your worst days/most unwell days and how your epilepsy an put you in danger doing multiple activities. Hope this helps and good luck! 
  • Hannah2610Hannah2610 Member Posts: 12 Connected
    Pet said:
    still waiting for a tribunal date for pip appeal, I have epilepsy. How many have been successful
     I believe I was the first person to go to a tribunal after the change in case law, I literally walked in the room and the tribunal asked the lady from DWP if she had anything to say to start with...
    "With regards to the new ruling on safety and......"
    That was it. I was awarded standard living and enhanced mobility. I am currently going through the process again. I'm upset to do it again, my condition has not changed. An my epilepsy is debilitating when I'm stressed out.
    I have partials, absences, complex partials, an generalised, I also have a 4 year old daughter. 
    For me...The biggest issue I had was that they did not recognise that my epilepsy effects my memory and emotions, I have a specific type of epilepsy that is very detrimental to both memory and emotions, speech and cognition. It was almost suggested as if I had just made that part up in my assesment recently, she had never heard of it apparently. 
    I sent my diagnosis letter in, which states..
    "Patient had two witnessed tonic clonic seizures, lasting around 10 minutes long, she was significantly confused and disorientated afterwards." Also...
    "I have explained to the patient that this condition can be associated with seizures but also with memory and emotional symptoms." I circled this and sent in this evidence after my assesment. I WILL NOT BE DICTATED TO BY DWP ABOUT MY MEMORY OR EMOTIONS. If they question it, I will take them to court (my brother owns a law firm), an I will make it my goal to prevent anyone ever having to justify themselves when it's there in black and white.xxx
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 5,338 Disability Gamechanger
    If you do a search for PIP and epilepsy on this site you will see several other long and relevant discussions on the same issue.
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