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Received HP Report

stratos Member Posts: 33 Courageous
Hi, report arrived today and in keeping with most I have read, received 8 points for daily living and 0 for mobility. Her comments read that I was disabled, seen as struggling and observed I have a degenerative, life long condition. My question is, is there anyway I can speak to a decision maker before the decision is made to explain the inaccuracies before I go to MR. Thank you


  • pollyanna1052
    pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi, sorry to read you are another victim of assessors inaccuracies.
    Reading what advice others in the same situation are told, it isnt possible to do so and mentioning lies wont help.
    I think you`ll have to do the MR and if that isnt right, then tribunal.
    Awful to think how these people can do such things, but sadly they do.
  • stratos
    stratos Member Posts: 33 Courageous
    Hi again and a quick update. I rang PIP and explained the original F2F report was correct and she had documented everything really well. However she rang me 10 days later and then adapted her report that my flares last 3 to 4 weeks not 3 to 4 days that is not consistant with my illness. Very confused by this. The person I spoke to on the phone said to draft a letter and send it off to them today for the DM explaining everything in detail. I have done this and its gone recorded delivery so will wait to see what happens.
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

    Scope community team

    Hi @stratos. It sounds like you're being very proactive and it's good they've agreed for you to send a letter to the decision maker. I hope that it helps and that you're awarded correctly when the DM makes their decision. 
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  • stratos
    stratos Member Posts: 33 Courageous
    Thank you for your comments. Having re read the report. I have 8 for daily living and 4 for mobility. Her original report (post phone call) clearly states " I observed her disfigured bones and swelling in all joints and goes onto explain that I cant do xyz etc and then does a complete U turn following the phone call on things I didnt actually say. Just seems very strange and fingers crossed the DM will take my letter on board. Does anyone know if this has actually ever happened where a letter could change the DM decision away from the HP report.
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,577 Disability Gamechanger

    Its very rare for them to go against the report. Are you saying you think you should have scored more points?

    Fingers crossed that the letter arrives before the decision is made. Unfortunately sending recorded delivery doesn’t mean anything. It still has to go through the mail sorting process and it will be signed for by someone from Royal Mail, not DWP. It’s not classed a arriving until it’s added to the computer which can take 7-10 days. 
  • stratos
    stratos Member Posts: 33 Courageous
    Hi Poppy, yes definitely should have been awarded enhanced DL. Her original report following the F2F, I found very accurate. However, she rang me at home one evening 10 days later and asked for more information that she appears to have totally misinterpreted. Because of this she has added a footnote to the bottom of the original report saying "what the claiment said during our phone call is not consistant with her illness" I appreciate the DWP goes with the assessor report but I can live in hope they may just take it on board.
  • DuffersMum
    DuffersMum Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    My report was also incorrect in many ways, I rang at least half a dozen times to try and speak to a case manager and was told every time that my application was still in the queue waiting to be assigned, they made notes of what I said was incorrect, today a case manager has called me and I was able to tell him exactly what I thought was incorrect, he made notes and said the decision is with the DWP and not the person who carried out the assessment (and the moon is made of cheese!) and as soon as he has made his decision I will receive it in the post.  Whilst I’m not expecting them to change what has been given by the assessor I feel much better knowing I’ve told them so! I will do a MR if necessary and will be putting in a formal complaint against the assessor who refused to take my medical records, has written a statement about the completely wrong area of my problem and who thinks that because I can drive a car I can walk 50m.
  • stratos
    stratos Member Posts: 33 Courageous
    Hi and thank you duffersMum for your reply. I wish you every success. I spoke to them again today and the letter I sent arrived yesterday and was scanned onto my file yesterday, which is great. what I find the most annoying is the initial report was accurate and would have given me the correct points. it wasnt until after she phoned me she put the footnote in. Like yourself, I am a realist and know full well it wont make one bit of difference to the decision and will also go down the |MR route but......I at least feel better, I got my point across. Please let me know when you receive your it looking like you will get any points. Take care
  • DuffersMum
    DuffersMum Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    According to the assessor’s report (if they go with that) I should get standard daily living and standard mobility..I’m currently on standard daily living and enhanced mobility DLA and have been for a few years. What annoyed me on the report was her saying that she saw me walk (aided) 15m into the assessment room and because I drive a manual car then that means I can walk over 20m but less than 50m...what a load of rubbish and as I pointed out to the case manager when I drive (short distances if I really have to) my car is on the drive right outside my front door and I’m obviously noT weight bearing when I’m driving because Im sitting down! It does not mean that it’s not painful (it is) but no way should there be a presumption that because you can drive you can walk...various other things wrong on report and quite obvious bits had been copied and pasted.  I’m sure they won’t change it but I will go to MR and appeal if I have to (husband went to appeal on his first claim and won) second claim they awarded him with no problem and he’s about to have to do his third claim shortly..all fun and games here (said nobody, ever).  I will post when I get my brown envelope.


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