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Helpful self talk is an useful aid to use. We talk to ourselves. Give our selves reassurance, confidence.

This can be beneficial to cope with day to day struggles. If you need to give yourself a boost a sense of self esteem, motivation.

Having to coach yourself in positive thinking and realising you need to address the situation.

If I know going to be in certain places or dealing with those who may cause me some anxiety have identified the areas . That need addressing. Dealing with.

These include using calming and deep breathing.  Useful one may I add is I sing a song in my mind. Know lyrics of songs that are familiar to me.

Does not have to be a song have used words from my bible or a poem. 

Areas of concern for me are crowded shops, places and unfamiliar people and situations. Get into an anxiety state, know this and can have identified the triggers that cause that.

So I need to ask my self can I deal with this cope.? I am aware of my own self. Do I need to leave? Can I rest find a place to calm down or take five minutes.?

If I am struggling do I need to ask for support from any one.  Do I feel safe ?

Challenging at all times.  I am aware every one is different but it is something that you can take a lot of positivity from. If you succeed in getting an outcome and a result.  Achieving the goal you have set yourself to deal with the problems you have.

Coping and dealing with awkward situations, aspects of lifestyle.

Thank you all for reading.



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