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Research on Finding Work with a Disability

elizabethk Member Posts: 21 Courageous

Hello ?! Just to introduce myself, I'm Beth, a 25 year old with the body of a 75 year old. I've just arrived back from Harvard after a difficult year away from home at a disappointingly inaccessible university. I’m currently working with The Princes Trust, on an idea I developed at Harvard, on an idea to create a social enterprise for people with disabilities to find or continue work despite their personal circumstances.  

I believe that just because an individual may be unable to work in a conventional workplace, they do not lose their skillset, determination or desire to contribute and earn money. Therefore, I am developing this platform that will connect individuals who feel able to work with different types of employment. The employment will be in the form of: 

(a) Project/task-based work which individuals can perform remotely (b) a permanent job placement with a disability-friendly employer. 

Although I have a disability myself, I need to hear the thoughts and opinions of other people with disabilities to paint a better picture of a service which people would want and use. To progress to the next stage of the business venture, I need to research whether people might use the service, before I go full steam ahead claiming that this is a service everyone wants. I find it difficult to get out and about to do research in person, so would truly appreciate anyone who could take the time to let me know their thoughts on the following questions or just general feedback. All feedback will be useful.  

1)   Would you use this service?/Do you know anyone who might use this service? And if not, why?

2)   What would be your concerns in using this service?

3)   Would you want to use the service to find a permanent job placement as an employee of a disability-friendly employer OR to complete project/task-based work?  

4)   If you could complete project/task-based work and work part-time, would you rather work remotely? 

5)   What sort of project/task-based work would you like to do? (This can truly be anything –e.g. running errands, proofreading, transcribing, design, copywriting, providing analysis, coding, marketing, writing, etc.) 

6)   Have you ever worked as a freelancer and if so, how have you found work or employment? If not, why? What would be your main barriers?

7)   Have you ever used a talent platform (e.g. Upwork or Indeed) and how was your experience? How could it have been better?

8)   Any other thoughts or advice? 

Thank you so much for any feedback you can give, can’t tell you how greatly appreciated it is!



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