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Hello every one this one of my favourite recipes.

Not difficult to do use a slow cooker.

You will need the following.

Chicken Thighs per person two or use Chicken Legs or use Chicken Drumsticks. 

Have done this with diced Chicken Breast. Also Turkey Fillet diced up.

Onions  use whatever you have,  Use frozen if you wish to defrost boiling kettle before adding to slow cooker.

Dice up either use Food Processor slicer.

Baby Potatoes washed and diced or sliced.  I used for my size of Slow Cooker around four small ones cut up.

Red, Yellow, Orange Peppers. sliced. Portion for numbers. I used half of each.

Carton of Passata 500g.

Tomato puree a good squirt.

Tub of Chicken Stock small one or use stock cube to make up half a pint.

One teaspoon of Italian Seasoning add in half a teaspoon of Fennel Seeds if you wish to or if you want to add some Chilli Flakes quarter of a teaspoon.

Pepper to taste. Add a pinch of sugar or use my standby Tomato Ketchup just a squirt.

Paprika one teaspoon.  Garlic Powder one teaspoon.

One Bay Leaf.


In a zip bag add Chicken skin removed.  Drumsticks OK can leave skin on.

Season with Paprika, Black Pepper, Italian Seasoning, Garlic Powder coat and shake bag.

Leave for a moment.

Make sauce Blender if you have one or use Food processor.

Add Carton Passata, Tomato Puree Sugar if using or Tomato Ketchup, Tub of Chicken stock or stock cube.

Pulse or blitz up.

To the Slow Cooker add the Chicken, from the zip bag,  the Potatoes, washed Peppers sliced and diced. Onions.

Add portion of Ragu sauce to cover. Might not use it all..

On low for four to six hours.  Any left over soup with Chickpeas for lunch . Or serve next day with Couscous and Chickpeas.

Please can I add if you do have any Peppers done this with those jars of Anti Pasti mixed roasted ones or roasted Red Peppers.

Diced and sliced them into Ragu.

Not got Potatoes done this with tinned ones nothing wrong in using tinned Potatoes.

Have not got Italian Seasoning use Rosemary, Thyme, Sage either fresh.  Chopped up a teaspoon of each. or dried one teaspoon of each be fine.  Use Smoked Paprika if not got Paprika be OK.

Hope every one enjoys.

Thanks every one.


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