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Franstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
Can someone explain to me what these mean?
I have a WCA soon and I'm worried.


  • Franstrahan
    Franstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    I have this coming up soon, had to cancel the first one because my friend was unable to come with me on that date. The problem is I have nothing physically wrong, just mental health problems. I'm on the autistic spectrum, have social anxiety, also depression and anxiety. I told them on the form I couldn't do face to face because of these problems but dont think they care too much about that. My friend is coming with me for support. I'm worried they will overlook my problems as I'm physically fit. I'm 58 and have never been able to hold down a job. Do they take mental health issues seriously? Or am I going to be forced into something.  
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 29,707 Disability Gamechanger

    Yes of course they take mental health into consideration and lots of people are successfully placed into one of the groups because of the way mental health affects them. It just depends how your conditions affect you.

    Unfortunately, the assessment is part of the process and if you don't attend you will most likely be found fit for work for failing to attend. Most people have to attend a face to face assessment, paper based ones are rare.

    Did you send evidence with the form to support your claim? They very rarely contact anyone for this.

    Whether you'll successfully be placed into one of the groups will depend on how your conditions affect you.

    Wait week after the assessment and ring DWP tp request a copy of the report. This will give you some idea what the decisions is likely to be because they mostly go with the report. If you do request this and you don't understand what's written then post back here, i'm sure someone will be able to help you understand what it means.

    I'm glad you have someone going with you, this often helps with any stress you have on the day. You will need to answer all the questions yourself but if you don't understand anything they ask just ask them to repeat it.

    Remember we only ever read the bad stories. Good luck.
  • Franstrahan
    Franstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    Hi Poppy. What are the groups I will be placed in that you are talking about? No one has told me anything about this.
    Also my friend will need to speak at this meeting as I will possibly get too stressed out.
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,452 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello, as the initials WCA stand for Work Capability Assessment.  It is an assessment to look at your capabilities using the WCA descriptors to decide if you are able to preform any type of work and issue an award placing you in the work group or the support group.
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 29,707 Disability Gamechanger
    There's 2 groups WRAG which is now known as limited capability for work (LCW) or Support Group Which is now known as limited capability for work related activity (LCWRA)

    If you're placed into the LCW and your claim started after April 2017 then you won't receive any extra money and you'll be expected to attend work focused interviews at your local job centre (phones calls are possible, if you're unable to go out)

    If you're placed into LCWRA and you're claiming Universal credit then you'll receive an extra £336 per month from the 4th month of your claim.

    If you're found fit for work and not placed into either of the groups you'll be expected to look for work. Of course if you're not happy with the decision, what ever it maybe then you'll have 1 month from that date to request the Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) followed by Tribunal if that MR decision remains the same.

    I'm afraid unless your friend is your appointee then they will not be able to speak for you during your assessment. The HCP doing the assessment will expect you to speak for yourself. Sometimes the person with you will be allowed to prompt you but this will depend on the HCP on the day.


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