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I'd like to be Enabled and not Classed as Disabled

Now having hidden disabilities and experience of Abuse, Sarcastic remarks and even physically attacked. I DO NOT TELL PEOPLE MY WRITTEN DIAGNOSED ISSUES- IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. 

I find it deeply offensive when people use their lack of understanding to then:-
Belittle me
Bait me to try and get a reaction and then blame it on an outburst and make it my fault. 
Patronise me as they would a small child

Even extended family members think Disabilities are lifestyle choices.

So I choose to mask my issues and tell nobody face to face. 

I'd like a world that focuses on what I can do and reasonable adjustments for what I cannot do.

:-) might end up talking to myself, but at least I can say what Eats me up daily

High functioning Autism you can have NONE and as free a second helping of NONE

Stay Frosty


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