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Hello I’m new

NellyMaggie Member Posts: 59 Courageous
Hi everybody, I’m new in scope I really don’t know how it works. Four months ago I had a seizure at work, I’m a chef, than I went to the hospital and in there I had another seizure, much bigger than the first, they made a CT scan that show’s a very big brain tumor. A meningioma grade II after the seizures I was paralysed off my ride arma and leg. I had to take steroids and some drugs for the pain and the seizures. Eight  days later I had my surgery, at the 5th off June. Unfortunately on the last MRI that I made, it shows that the tumour it’s back. Now is in the middle of my head. I’m waiting for the doctors to tell me what we are going to do next. I think next week they are calling me. I’m afraid I have to find another job, because working as a chef is very hard, I’m not making a lot off hours, but even so. I’m glad I found scope and have people who can understand me. I talk to Macmillan as well, wen I saw the tumour again I felt so angry, sad, and disappointment. It’s like my all live is going backwards  again. Now I’m feeling very tired, the pain on the leg it’s back again. The buzzing on the ears and the pain on the head it’s also back. It’s nice to relive my pain. I think I will need psychology help, because I’m felling very depressed and sad. I wish the best for all off us. 

God Bless as all

Take care ? 


  • AnkyieSpon
    AnkyieSpon Member Posts: 138 Pioneering
    Hi @NellyMaggie welcome to the scope community. You'll find many people to chat to on here. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so sorry for all you are going through but can I saw how I admire your strength. Its normal to be feeling depressed, who wouldn't. I do hope you manage to get some help so you can keep fighting ?? x
    (Ankyie Spon)
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  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @NellyMaggie   Pleased to meet you welcome. 

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for joining. You have come to the right place for support, information and most of all friendship.

    Sorry to hear what you are going through.  We understand have compassion and sympathise what you are experiencing.

    I am one of the team of community champions.  We guide, advise and help new members who join the community.

    Please have a look around our website. We are friendly, care and share.

    Please have a look at our Community Guide and House Rules to familiar yourself with the forum.

    Please if I can suggest if your experiencing depression or any mental health issues. Please consider speaking to your GP.

    This is something to think about.  I have my self mental health issues. Use mental health charities. Used this one last time.


    Can help with floating support and look at your mental health issues plus anything else. Benefits and anything related.

    Do take clientele with additional illness or disability or conditions.

    Might not be in all areas.

    Another one to consider is MIND.


    Sorry to hear about your job.  I myself put a lot of recipes on this forum.  Always happy to share. Many members have the skills, abilities and knowledge to want to cook simple meals.

    Those who have disabilities or illness or conditions that may cause them some problems cooking meals. Give them a lot of support.

    I admire all chefs, those in the industry. Having been a volunteer in kitchens for various charities.

    Know you work hard.  Long hours.

    I hope you enjoy your time on the community. If we can help with anything please ask.  

    Some one will know a member of our team or a member of our community.

    Please take care.


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  • Ails
    Ails Member Posts: 2,256 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @NellyMaggie and welcome to the Community.  It is nice to meet you and thank you for sharing with us. I'm sorry to hear of your struggles and can appreciate how upsetting this must be for you.  Please be assured that we are all here to support you on the Community so feel free to chat to us anytime.  You will find the forum to be a lovely, supportive space full of friendly people.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.  If there is anything we can help/support you with then please just ask.  All the best.  :smile:
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  • WestHam06
    WestHam06 Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,396 Pioneering
    Hi @NellyMaggie
                                Welcome to the community, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for sharing your story with us, I truly am sorry to hear what you are going through, but I admire your strength and honesty. It is perfectly natural to feel angry, sad and disappointed but it is important to keep talking and you have made steps in doing this by talking to McMillian and joining the forum. Remember you are doing amazingly and have come to the right place to talk. There are many lovely people on the forum who will offer there support. Please keep in touch. Take care. Thank you. 
  • NellyMaggie
    NellyMaggie Member Posts: 59 Courageous
    Hi, thank you so much for replying my post, it’s very nice to now that we have some friends to talk with. Thank you for the links I will take a look. Thank you so much for the support, I just get so upset wen I saw the tumour again. Sometimes we just need to let of steam to be a little more relieve. I’m already Taking some depression pills, it was a big shock wen I saw the MRI it was to soon, for the tumour appears again. 
    But I believe that everything is going to be ok!  

    Once again thank you so much you are very kind. 

    I can share some easy recipes that I know. And wen’s possible I can do some charity work as hell. 

    Have a nice weekend 
    All the best ?


  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 12,478 Disability Gamechanger
    edited October 2019
    Hi @NellyMaggie & welcome to this community 'tho I'm very sorry to read about the problem you're facing. You must have felt devastated to find your brain tumour had come back. Thank you for telling us all that you're going through, &, as others have said, people here will certainly do their best to support you & I believe you have already had some helpful advice. None of us can really know what you're going through, but there are many positive hands here hoping to hold yours.

    So, waiting for your first easy recipe....no pressure!
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,578 Scope online community team
    Hi @NellyMaggie and welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear how difficult things have been for you of late. If it helps at all, we have a range of free employment services here at Scope who might be able to help you looking for a new job.
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  • NellyMaggie
    NellyMaggie Member Posts: 59 Courageous
    Thank you Andrian_scope I I’ll take a look at the link. 
    Live sometimes can be very  difficult. 

    Thank you ☺️ 

  • NellyMaggie
    NellyMaggie Member Posts: 59 Courageous
    Chobbly said:
    Thank you Andrian_scope I I’ll take a look at the link. 
    Live sometimes can be very  difficult. 

    Thank you ☺️ 


    Nice to meet you.

    I know youre not asking, but ,i would try ,if you can ,to rest yourself.!   Im no expert whatsoever concerning brain tumours,but know a few people that have had them.
    Is there anyway you can not think about work at this time??(easier said that done)  Rest up ,or still do things.(under guidance by your Dr.) but the stress of work may not be beneficial at this time?...you obviously would be entitled to some kind of financial help surely..at least until you know what the Drs plan of action is.

    Nice to meet you too chobbly

    Thank you so much for your concern. The doctor said that I have to rest, but I also have to keep myself busy and occupied. And honestly, I need to work, I have bills and a daughter. I already talked with an assistant on scope and I’m going to try to work from home. Something that doesn’t evolve to much stress. But iff necessary, I will stop working and find some financial help. 



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