Cerebral Palsy
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Low back pain

mike62mike62 Member Posts: 34 Courageous
Hi I was born with  mild cp (maybe due to foreceps) on my left side. Giving me a shorter leg about 12mm (1/2 inch) and drop foot and turns in unless I concentrate on it. I can use my left hand ok although fingers not as flexible as right. But, I've been fulltime employed since 16 til I left work last year.
I was wondering if anyone out there had a similar cp condition and have low back pain pretty much all the time and turns into a stabbing pain that I could have a chat with.
Regards @mike62


  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Community Team Posts: 2,579 Scope community team
    edited October 2019
    Hi @mike62  
    I live with quad CP so quite different from your experience. What I do know through speaking to people with Hemiplegia and Diaplegia is that back pain is fairly common. This thought to be due to the person's gait or posture. Do you use orthotics? 
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  • mike62mike62 Member Posts: 34 Courageous
    Hmm I thought so @Richard_Scope and yes I have got and tried various orthotics. Tomorrow I pick up insoles from a mold I had from the Limb clinic. These are supposed to put my feet in a better position when on floor. Her recent video and heat sensor scan showed my gait is not good. 
    I'm having cortosone injections soon, hope it gives me relief so I can continue with stretches before it wears off.

    Just to say to those with one leg shorter, recently I was talking to Crispins an orthotic shoe company that they can mold a raise onto to underneath a trainer. Normally my local shoe repair chap slices along a rubber only sole and glues a raise inbetween. He can't do it with molded trainers or shoes like skechers or air soles like Nike air or very thin sole shoes.
    Crispins also sell a low boot with orthotic attached at the back and can raise it. Thought I'd let people know, will update if I buy one.

    But, my problem is mild compared with others having read about their conditions and situations they have to put up with. Bless them all, so courageous battling on.
    Thanks for your reply
  • Phil82Phil82 Member Posts: 50 Connected

    So I have always been told I have one leg longer than the other but I think mine is muscular, if you are getting one orthotic built up higher than the other you have to becareful you are not making the problem worse. If it's because you really do have one leg longer from a bone issue that's fair enough but if it's muscular they like to try and sort that out first.

    I have orthtotics which have a couple on inches heel on them to help me lift my foot more due to poor ankle dorsiflexion. Before I got them I had awful back pain all my life and my lower back was getting tighter and tighter. My left ankle is stiffer and doesn;t bend as much so I asked about adding extra onto that heel but they said no because the more you add on the less your calf works which will then gradually make it shorter. 

    I finally found a physio the other day that manipulated my longer leg back down to where it should be, everyone has always told me I have one leg longer than the other but never done anything about it at first it seemed great but the more they play around with my orthotics and biomechanics the worse I seem to get, maybe I walk a certain way because that's all my body can cope with instead I am trying to force it into positions it doesn't want to go.

    The first pair of orthotics instantly made me better though and took all the pressure off my back so good look with them.


  • mike62mike62 Member Posts: 34 Courageous
    Many thanks for your reply very clear @Phil82.
    Back in my 30's before Google and I'm 62 now,  I was under the impression my leg was shorter and foot drop since birth, foreceps maybe? So had shoes raised Like you say may have made a rod for my back. My hip was aching bad after walking less than a mile.

    Got proper orthotic insole yeaterday, pushed it into my existing 15mm raised boot and the heat scan shoes my foot is landing better and spreading load better. But means my heel is now 25mm - feels too high though I said- but its just to prove insole shape. 
    Then I'll buy indoor/outdoor footwear from Dr Comfort or widerfitshoes.co.uk from Crispin which is not too far from me as they can mold a raise on. And I dont want more than 15mm.
     Reading your post I'll talk to the hosp physio again to confirm the my femur is in fact shorter or not. And ask him if he can do like yourself pull the long one shorter.

    @Phil82 do you mind me asking how many physio visits did you have recently to get equal leg length, what did they actually do. And now are you saying that you no longer have a no need for a heel raise.

    Why do we have to battle with what is a very common mechanical issue. You would think they fully onto this by now?
    Kind regards @phil82

  • Phil82Phil82 Member Posts: 50 Connected

    I'm pretty sure mines muscular because I throw my right foot out more when I walk and probably swing from the hip that hip/glute gets very tight.

    It didn't take her long 30 mins, she just worked on my quad/thigh (they are hyperactive and very tight anyway)  I would say she manipulated it more than massaged it.

    Then she always tries to straighten my hips out and messes about with them trying to line them up as she says the tops of my legs are to close to each other although the later is a waste of time because by the time I go back a few weeks later they have gone back to normal.

    Just checked the raise on my orthotics and it's about 15mm I think I need exra on the left one where my ankle is less flexible but I don't think they will do it.

    I'm going to check those shoes comapnies out because I have awful problems finding shoes especially because I can wear a pair out in a matter of weeks.

  • mike62mike62 Member Posts: 34 Courageous
    Thanks again @Phil82

    When I left work last Jan I  wore my Nike trainers most days but the shoe guy put a 24mm raise and the podiatrist said my muscle may have gone tight so I'll definitely chat to the physio because I don't want a massive heel.

    The podiatrist said forefront rocker shoes may be good for me. But haven't found any rocker that can have a raise. I'll keep looking though.
    kind regards and thanks again you helped me move forward.

  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,662 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @mike62, I have mild CP that affects my legs and left side. I find it is my lower back and hips that cause me the most pain. If I am stood for more than 30mins it's extremely painful. It is partly managed with medication but physio and hot baths also help. I also have one leg that is longer than the other.
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  • mike62mike62 Member Posts: 34 Courageous
    Hi @Chloe_Scope
    Hi. Sorry you have the problem as well, a nuisance isn't it. I've tried different things to keep it to a minimum but flares up in agony. We just want to get on with life don't we?
    I'm trying out insoles I bought from a podiatrist with raise and shape. luckily the just fitted in some fell boots bit tight though but just for testing. 
    Then might buy shoes from Dr Comfort and widerfitshoes.
    @Chloe_Scope you don't know of a supplier of Rocker shoes by any chance do you? The podiatrist said they will improve my walking.
    I am getting Cortisone numbing injections in my lower back because the mri scan showed nerves may be trapped by facet joints (i'm convinced they are whats causing pain flareups over the past 20 odd years). But I must continue with foot/leg stretches.
    I really hope you may find some methods of at least reducing the pain.
    Many thanks for replying to me.
    Take care @Chloe_Scope
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,662 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @mike62, it sounds like you have a strong treatment plan in place and I hope this will help improve your pain level. Unfortunately I haven't heard of these shoes as this isn't something I have ever needed. However, if you need anything else or you want me to look into the shoes for you then please just drop me a message. :)
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  • mike62mike62 Member Posts: 34 Courageous
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