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A journey on public transport can be hard when you’re a disabled person. When things go wrong, sometimes those journeys can be made impossible. Inspired by stories from disabled people across the UK, including @Richard_Scope’s struggles with inaccessible stations and @Ami2301’s experiences of booked assistance and priority seating Scope are campaigning to make travel fair for all users.

All of us should be able to use public transport, but it’s not enough that only some of us are guaranteed a certain standard of service.

We want bus, train, taxi and metro companies to make a clear promise to disabled passengers about what they should be able to expect, and an easy way to complain if things go wrong with a journey.

We need your help to make them listen and to help our campaign make a difference. Please tell us what promises you want to see public transport companies make in order to make it easier for disabled people to travel.

What promises would you like companies to make? Tell us what promises would make a difference to how you travel here.


  • swilber
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    Hi that is easy.  Taxis for disabled users and any transport for disabled  need  to be available evening & weekends         with  one phone number to ring or book in advance.  Keep prices down too.
  • 66Mustang
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    edited October 2019
    I could not use public transport unless there were no other passengers on board, therefore I am restricted to taxis. 

    Maybe a government subsidised scheme where those who are forced to use taxis can do so for the same price as regular public transport - as it is not their fault they cannot use the cheaper transport?

    (I do realise this is maybe a bit optimistic.)
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Thank you for your thoughts on this @swilber and @66Mustang. :)