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thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
Hello every one as it is Halloween thought share this Autumn hot pot. 

All in one pot using Turkey Mince or if not Turkey Mince buy the Meat balls.

You can do this with other types of Mince, Beef and Lamb or Pork.

Or make it your own adapt to any meat you wish to.

You can of course adapt this for those with veggie diets.

Leave out the meat.

You will need the following.

One Pack of Turkey Mince 500g.
One Onion, Carrots, two. Swede used a small one  Butternut Squash Frozen used two tablespoons.  Diced up. Chunky.

Baby Potatoes you can use add in any roots you wish to. Sweet Potatoes, Celeriac.

One tub of Chicken stock or a stock cube you can use . 

Used a pint.  Adjust for numbers.

Passata 500g carton.

Paprika or buy Smoked one.

Ground Ginger, Ground Coriander.  Ground Cumin . Cinnamon  half a teaspoon of each

Chickpeas a tin drained. 

Pepper to taste.

Herbs used Rosemary, Thyme. Half a teaspoon dried. 

Tomato puree .



Add Onions  Mince brown sear in a medium sized stock pot with olive oil.  Season.

Black pepper add Spices and Tomato Puree.

Colour a little. Medium heat .

Add vegetables of your choice. I would add the frozen Butter nut Squash last defrost with a boiling kettle in a bowl drain and add the last minute.

Mix every thing together and coat the meat and spices .

A touch of water does help a little.

If getting too dry.

Drained Chickpeas stir in.

Add now Stock and Passata, might not need it all.  Bring to a boil simmer for thirty minutes check if vegetables soft

Dried herbs to add and Butter nut Squash last minute cook another further few minutes.

Check if cooked and for seasoning.

Note have done this for Children.  Served in a bowl for Halloween with some bread.  Used Baked Beans instead of Chickpeas.

Or other pulses.

Makes a lot great as a standby meal on those cold nights. Use Slow cooker if you have one.

Omit the meat make it a veggie add in Lentils and any veggies of your choice.

Thank you every one.


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