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Hello every one made this for Lunch.  Simple easy and use not a lot of veggies but you chop and change add anything you want to.

From fridge or freezer or stores.

You will need one saucepan.

Chopping board with wet cloth underneath to stop slipping.

Kettle boiling for stock cube or vegetable granules.

One Knife.


Onion either fresh or frozen or use Leeks fresh or frozen . Portion to numbers I used one tablespoon of each for me.
One Carrot, One stick of Celery. diced roughly.
One carton of Passata small one.
Stock cube or use Vegetable Granules half a pint.
Bay leaf
Basil fresh used a tablespoon chopped up. Or dried half a teaspoon.
Chilli Flakes to taste. I used one quarter I am a spicy gent so that is
Adjust to your tastes.
Black Pepper.
Tin Chickpeas used half and used liquid in it as well.


In a saucepan add Olive oil medium heat. Vegetables colour season.

Add Passata, stock and Chillies . Bay leaf .  Herbs .

Low simmer for around half hour. Taste.

Add in Chickpeas. Warm through.  Further five minutes. 

Serve check for seasoning serve.

I have done this left on the hob to simmer for a while or use a Slow Cooker.  I think longer left flavours mingle better.

Enjoy every one.


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