Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Esa help

So I am from America and my wife is getting esa she went into hospital and they found out that when she got back from the hospital that she had a change of circumstances only thing is she was getting out of the hospital they are saying that we need to do a new claim for her but I am not allowed to claim anything as my visa states this also I feel if we do a change of circumstances that they will put her on universal credit and she doesn't want to have to go onto it yet I work but don't want her beinfits to be affected by me but at this point I am already affecting her because they have taken her income related esa can anyone help me with this 


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    As you are working then she won't be entitled to any Income Related ESA. Whether she would be entitled to any Universal Credit will depend on your earnings. Even though you're not allowed to claim any benefits here. i'm afraid your earnings will still be taken into account when claiming any means tested benefits.

    Do she claim PIP or DLA? If she does then these aren't means tested and you working will not affect the amount she can claim. Hope this helps.

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    Hello @Eatuptc_1986 and a warm welcome to the community. 
    Have they said why she needs to make a new claim? Was she receiving ESA when she was in hospital?
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    Welcome to the community @Eatuptc_1986, how are you doing?
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