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Is my father being investigated (DLA)? & questions regarding claiming DLA mobility + AA care.

rabbithole Member Posts: 2 Listener
For some background information.

I receive carers allowance and UC. I live in Northern Ireland with my parents and care for both of them but only receive CA for my father.

My father(69) receives DLA high care and low mobility.

My mother(70) receives DLA low care and high mobility.

A few weeks ago i received a phone call from the Standards Assurance Unit to review my carers allowance. They asked basic questions about me, how i cared for my father and for how many hours doing each activity etc. I answered as best i could and as i was totalling up hours in my head the guy just said ''so pretty much constant care, yeah?'' and i responded yes.

His initial claim years ago was due to mental health issues after a sectarian motivated attempted murder while he was working. Since then he has actually had increasing mobility needs due to him having meningitis a few years ago. He was too scared at the time to contact the benefit office to let them know as he was worried they would reassess him and revoke everything (his general personality is extremely cynical).

So now i am worried that me answering about helping him with his mobility issues (doing the cooking and cleaning as he cannot stand unassisted for long) may have triggered an investigation as i am not sure if these were on his initial claim 10+ years ago.

We received a phone call today from the Department of Communities but it rang off before i could answer and when calling back it didn't specify who they wanted to speak to or why. The DoC is a huge catch all department that includes the housing executive, benefits office etc. The number they called on was 0800 012 1713 which seems to be the benefits people.

I called the carers allowance department, they had no record of trying to call me or any idea what it was about.

My dad called the DLA line, same thing, they had no record of trying to get in touch.

Usually any communication from them would come via post rather than a telephone call, so it is unusual in that way. I'm worried now they have started to investigate my dad, but also if he called the DLA office and they had no knowledge of the call would that mean it had nothing to do with them?

The second part of the post is in regards to my mother.

She was a nurse, but was signed off work permanently when a doctor would not give her a medical clearance due to arthritis and back issues. This was also 10+ years ago. Since then she has developed MS and is now profoundly disabled, 100% bed bound and incapable of looking after herself at all. She cannot feed herself so i spoon feed her all her meals, she is doubly incontinent and has carers visiting four times per day to change her and help her to the shower. In addition she requires constant supervision due to her being prone to choking on her saliva so me and my dad cover this equally. I stay up most of the night so i can help her if needed and my dad watches her all day. We have a video monitor that he keeps with him around the house during the day as he wouldn't be able to hear her coughing (the meningitis left him deaf in one ear, and with bad hearing and tinnitus in the other). So her disability is a lot worse now than when she initially claimed DLA and she has not been re-assessed since.

Me and my dad have been discussing whether the worst happens and he loses his DLA altogether to have my mum reassessed but due to her being over 65 she would likely be put on Attendance Allowance? I know it doesn't cover mobility, so i am wondering if someone can claim AA for care, while still claiming DLA for mobility?

Sorry this is so long, it's quite complicated and i didn't know where else to ask.

Thank you to anyone who can offer any advice :)


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,607 Disability Gamechanger

    The number that rang you does seem to be from DoC as i just googled it. If it's important then they will ring back. It's very unlikely to be anything about a DLA investigation because as long as his condition hasn't got better, which it doesn't seem to have then there's nothing to worry about. Worsening of condition can't be reported now because of his age. I wouldn't worry too much, easier said than done i know.

    Regarding your mothers DLA claim, i'm afraid it's not possible to claim for AA while still claiming for mobility DLA. If you claim AA then her DLA will end.

  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @rabbithole and a very warm welcome to the community! It sounds like you have a lot going on, it must be full on having to care for both parents, I am glad to hear your mum also has carers come in.

    I'm glad @poppy123456 has been able to help here, but please do let us know if we can do anything else. :)

  • rabbithole
    rabbithole Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you to both of you for your posts :)

    I just received a call back from what turned out to be the Standards Assurance Unit (apparently they also work under the heading of ''Department of Communities''), and it was just a call to correct some minor details before finalising the file. He told me on the phone that it seems my circumstances re caring haven't changed and there is nothing more i need to do. Fingers crossed i don't hear from them again.

  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Glad to hear that @rabbithole! I hope that means it is all sorted. :)

  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

    Scope community team

    Hi @rabbithole
    Can I just clarify, with your mother you said she is currently receiving low (standard) care and high mobility. Where you trying to find out whether putting in a change of circumstances for your mother (to go for enhanced care) would move her to AA? 
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  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @rabbithole, how are you doing? :)


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