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Please help

Has anyone heard of this set of symptoms? It's been 3 months, doctors have thrown their hands in the air.

So it started with severe bloating and abdominal pain, it happened suddenly. I had a CRP of 300, everything else including WBC count normal. Bloating has gone down but something just feel off with my abdomen. I have this kind of full feeling, or like something is there, and I can't twist without feeling pain. Most annoyingly, I have a nervy pain in my right shoulder/neck that is severe if I try to lie on my right side. One weird thing is that if I take a breath and hold it, the pain is absent. Also there's a pain under my right ribs that I feel when I take a deep breath. Can anyone help me? The shoulder pain is the worst. I should mention that I have a dermoid ovarian cyst but my gyno said that wouldn't be causing it. I'be had stool, blood and urine tests, ECG, and ultrasounds as well as physical examination. Here's a list of things I've been tested negative for:

- Pregnancy
- Gallstones
- Intestinal parasites
- Intestinal inflammation (IBD)
- Infection
- Virus
- Celiac
- Constipation
- Kidney, spleen, liver and pancreas damage/dysfunction
- Hyperthyroidism

Any resources would also be greatly appreciated. 



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