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Erectile dysfunction

Hello I’m not sure how to ask this question but here goes. I’m 68  had 2 bouts of cancer over 6 years , my last bout was a complete prostate removal.

I  still think about sex a lot but cannot get an erection until my nerves repair I’m told.

 It is quite frustrating as my Mrs does not do intimacy any more (last 10 years) but I would still like some warmth in my life.

I don’t do promiscuous or have even had an affair in all my 40 year marriage, but would love to meet an understanding person or get advice where I could relax and enjoy another persons  body and they mine.

I am straight but who knows.

Either way i’m not a lot of good to anyone with ED .

Hopefully I have not embarrassed myself by contacting you.


Kind regards Andrew



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