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Lower back pain

Hello I’m new to this but would love some advice, this time last year I bent over and had 2 snaps in my lower back, never felt pain like it, I was of work for 6 weeks and was back and forth at doctors for painkillers, went to physio week later and went weekly for a couple of months to no avail, I wear a back brace, tens machine, heat pads, and take naproxen daily, I saw a osteopath who basically was saying it was in my mind! The last couple of months it got better and I stopped all painkillers and was so happy. 2 weeks ago I booked a massage and that night it really started to hurt and ever since it’s been so saw, I payed private for an mri scan which apparently was the best back he had seen all day! And just said it’s muscle related, I’m 44 and feel to young to have this pain already ?any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • chiarieds
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    Hi @vicky1975 - Welcome to the community & thank you for joining.
    I'm sorry about your lower back pain, 'tho it's good to read you've had a scan to make sure about your spine.
    I started getting intermittent lower back pain as a teenager & later had X rays done & the radiologist said these didn't explain why I was in so much pain. Again, a little later I saw an osteopath who was also a Dr, & he said he'd never seen so much muscle spasm in the muscles that run on either side of the spine (which were acting as a splint to protect my spine).
    Perhaps the massage was too deep for you & has exacerbated your pain.
    It might be an idea to go back to your GP & discuss with them. That would be the best to get appropriate advice & help.
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    Hi @vicky1975
    That sounds like good news ie that it is muscular because it means that with a good physio you will hopefully be able to strengthen and/theor stretch the muscles and therefore manage the pain.
    It's not easy finding a good physio but essential, and it's important to DO the exercises they give you... I know that sounds obvious but I think a lot of people go to a physio expecting a miracle and unfortunately building up/stretching the muscles takes some persistence and time!
    It's well worth it though, I thought I needed a hip replacement a couple of years ago but it was totally muscular pain/weakness (excruciating it was too!). But by doing stretches I totally eradicated the pain, now if I feel it coming on I just do those stretches and its job done.
    Good luck with finding a great physio. 
    All the best.
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    Hi @vicky1975, I'm really sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Unfortunately as we're not medical experts here we wouldn't be able to advise, but I would definitely echo the suggestion to go back and discuss this with your GP.Have you tried the British Pain Society's pages for people living with pain?
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  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Vicky1987 and a very warm welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you have been in so much pain, how are things are the moment? 


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