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hi,how is everyone ?im finding my fibro and m.e /cfs is limiting my exercise,im feeling so unhealthy atm ,im in ulverston / barrow in furness area ,and need motivation! can anyone relate?


  • chiarieds
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    Hi @teighan - Welcome to the community where we all help & support each other.
    It's good to hear from you & thank you for joining us all. We are a very friendly group of people, many with aches and pains from various disorders. There are certainly people here with fibro, etc who will relate.
    About exercise, as you know it can be very helpful & is something I'm always advising, & I do exercises daily myself. Just start gently.
    In sitting on a chair you can straighten your leg whilst pulling your foot up at the same time so it's at right angles to your leg. Do one leg then the other, not both at the same time.
    If you put your hand on the top of your thigh, you can feel the muscles there tightening. & if you're doing it correctly, you will feel your calf muscles tightening too. As your calf muscles tighten this helps pump blood back up to your heart, so you're doing 2 things that are helpful at the same time.
    Do just a few of these exercises and build up gradually. A little and often is a good way to start.
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    Hello @teighan Pleased to meet you.

    Please may I suggest and advise first speak to your GP.  Before doing any exercise.

    Refer you to a community health unit called wellbeing service.

    Speak to your surgery about what is available locally.

    Look under council website your  local county council.  You can apply yourself if so wish self refer.

    Advice on fitness and health and exercise.

    I would take it slowly.  

    My friend @chiarieds given you a lot of information and guidance.

    I use Tia Chi warm up every morning based on a martial art this is a slow movements of hands, feet, and arms not strenuous.

    Have a look on line.  For guidance and information .

    To music also look at simple every day tasks. House work, jobs around the home.  I use these as well.

    Use upbeat music have a dance nothing like Strictly just simple movements keeps the body in check.

    I have some on now. Dancing, toe tapping writing this to you .

    Helps circulation.

    If your concerned with your diet. Wish to look at eating healthily 

    I am one of the team of community champions. The recipe King been called. have ideas, cheap eats, budget eats all healthy.

    Lots of my recipes on this forum have a look.

    Please ask me anything happy to be supportive.

    I had an addiction history weight issues.  Been clean twelve years needed to get fit used the services mentioned.

    Got qualifications around diet, food and nutrition.

    Which I have knowledge and education to make me think of my own diet and nutrition.  I pass this on to members of our community.

    Please take care.


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    Hi @teighan, how are you doing? It sounds like you are fighting against your body, I appreciate how frustrating this can be.

    Have you thought of doing things like yogo?

    I hope the above advice from others has been helpful and please do let us know how you get on. :) 
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    Hi teighan. I am not able to do much exercise but I do find that taking my dog for a couple of walks everyday really helps me. If I didn't have her I would probably stay in the house all the time. I find it really helps me to relax and I have met loads of people while I have been walking the dog