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Are there any grants available to help autistic kids access sports and fitness?

kiwi_1706 Member Posts: 28 Connected
I have a twelve year old son with autism, global learning delay, sensory processing difficulties, and auditory processing disorder. As a result of a combination of issues, he has put on a lot of weight, despite being an enthusiastic sportsman. He has put on so much weight, I am now worried that he might give up on his main passion, which is rugby. We have tried the local nhs healthy eating programmes for kids, which didn't address his particular issues at all... 

Last year, his junior school recruited a support worker for him, to help him to cope better in the playground, and with his sensory issues. This support worker had actually been a boxing instructor, and having the support of a young, fit, adult, really inspired him. Unfortunately he left, and we're back to square one. 

I have found a local fitness trainer who has worked with teenagers with autism and learning difficulties, but he is expensive, so I started looking for grants for kids with autism to help them get fit. Nothing. I can't find anything at all. 

Is anyone else aware of any funding that might be available please?


  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,872 Connected
    Hello @kiwi_1706

    Have you contacted the national autism society or not? Alternatively you can find out if the local leisure centre offers keep fit classes for those with impairments. Most centres do. My local one has a limited selection of classes on offer for those with impairments. How old is he now? 

    Check their website or call/email them to ask for details. There should also be a timetable of exercise classes available at the centre or online etc. Tennis is a good activity to try. What does he enjoy doing? Your local council may also be available to help answer your questions. 

    I am tagging @SparkleSheffieldAutismAdvisors to see if they can assist you. 
  • kiwi_1706
    kiwi_1706 Member Posts: 28 Connected
    I did try the NAS, and a grant finding website, but everything related to sports seemed to be focused on physical disabilities. The difficulty is that he is not good with group activities... he really needs one to one coaching. He loves rugby, but needs quite a lot of support and encouragement which his coaches usually manage to provide.
  • Namaa_Alumni
    Namaa_Alumni Member Posts: 34 Connected
    edited December 2019
    Hi @kiwi_1706

    I trust you are well, 

    I was wondering if you have had a look at our advice information on grant application on our website? 

    Have you tried our grant checker tool to see whether there are grants that might help? 

    Grant Checker Tool 

    Or  have you tried our advice on how to find and apply for grants? 

    How to find and apply for grants.

    Or how to set up a crowd fundraising page to fund-raise yourself?

    How to fund-raise 

     Or if you had a look at our advice and support on Sport on our website? 

    Disability sport 

    There page contains a list of organisations that might help you and your son find the best sport activity for him.

    For example Saracens Sports Foundation organises rugby games for disabled children. 

    Please take a look at their site 

    Saracens Sports Foundation 

    And you can find out more information on organisations that can help with  rugby for disabled children on the Rugby Sports for Disabled Association site

    Rugby sports for disabled association 

    I wish you all the best of luck finding the right activity and support to help your 14 year old son to enjoy sports once again. 

    Take care 
  • kiwi_1706
    kiwi_1706 Member Posts: 28 Connected
    Thank you. I will have a good look at all that information. 
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,651 Connected
    I don't know if they still do but back in the 80s I used to attend disability sports classes up at Notre Dame school... That was over 30 years ago mind.

    I notice the OP's also a Sheffielder :)

  • woodbine
    woodbine Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    sadly @kiwi_1706 hasn't been logged into scope for 3 months but @MrAllen1976 it's good of you to pass on what you know.
    Be extra nice to new members.
  • Lisatho11987777
    Lisatho11987777 Member Posts: 5,787 Disability Gamechanger
    Your local council maybe able to help 


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