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wonderful help/interest in accessibility

pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
Every Tuesday I go out for a few hours with my carer. It is the highlight of my week. I get quite excited of a Tuesday! We go shopping, or to the cinema or visiting friends.

Yesterday in Huddersfield I needed to post my Christmas cards. Well the Post Office recently closed and moved to within a new Indian restaurant...I know....odd! The queue on the Post Office side was very long and twisty. I didn't think I`d find it easy in my electric wheelchair. So I gave my carer my cards and payment. She was quite a while, as it was busy. I placed myself out of the way, but with a good view of both sides of the premises.

That PO queue got windier and very untidy..not at all like the well known British way of  orderly queueing!!!

Then I noticed a chap sitting at a table using a pc. I approached him and asked if he was the owner. He kindly said `One of them. Is there a problem?` I told him why I was waiting and explained that I couldn't have joined the queue, at which point my carer returned and emphasised the way the queue zigzagged and narrowed, agreeing it would be impossible for me to have done my errand alone.

The pleasant restaurant owner told me he agreed that access wasn`t very good and then asked me for any suggestions. He explained it would cost £150,000 to remove an internal wall to make the space perfect. Then added he would be happy to remove 2 dining booths in order to give more space for wheelchair access. He asked if there was anything else I could suggest. I said clear signage would be great.
This lovely man then asked if we would like a coffee. We accepted and took a place at a table. His waitress promptly arrived with 2 lattes, 3 mince pies and a generous slice of red velvet cream cake...all complimentary!!!

We duly tucked in, chatted some more with the most genial of hosts, thanked him and said we would return and promote his business.

He said he opened the business in the hope of bringing the community together.

10/10 for his wonderful manners and service!



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