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They have stop my claim after change of circumstances

matic87 Member Posts: 3 Listener
edited December 2019 in PIP, DLA, and AA
I applied for pip in 2018 and was awarded low rate living march2019 in an appeal.In may I put in a change of circumstances in my health that it was worsening befor my decision was actually made.they sent me a change of circumstances form may and in October I was sent for another was so horrible for me as I have trouble being in public areas.After 8 weeks they have stop my claim all together and I just feel so suicidal at times as I struggle with mobility and mental health.


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @matic87     Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.  You not alone.

    Sorry to hear your not well and had a bad experience with your assessment.

    Please may I suggest first try to get some help with your mental health.

    By accessing mental health support. They can advise and guide you on your health, well being and need to add benefit issues.

    Offer floating support and assistance with many other issues you have.

    I use mental health charities.

    These three.

    Last one is an advocate charity offer support to you speaks on your behalf . Representing you , speaking for you having problems with medical professionals Doctors.

    Please I need you to be aware that if you feeling suicidal then you need to speak to some one who is a professional. Can advise you give some time to speak to you.

    Lots of reassurance.

    I used them myself.

    The Samaritans  you can call free 116 123 

    If you feel you in danger of self harm or need to feel you might be unsafe.  Then please consider your safety and consider going to the hospital.

    Call 999.

    Please if I can help or be supportive please tag my name.

    I have mental health long term have a lot of knowledge and education, compassion, empathy.

    If you do access the links might not be in all areas but please find out and please also may I add if you access the support.

    It can beneficial to your wellbeing, you can cope.

    I know right now you may not be thinking and suffering anxiety, depression. Please think about talking, to your GP.

    Please keep in touch, keep safe.

    Please take care your an important member of our community.

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  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

    Scope community team

    Good morning @matic87 and thank you for posting here. I have to say I'm really sorry to read this. PIP, as it stands, really isn't fit for purpose. Will you be putting in for an appeal? There's plenty of knowledge here on the community regarding the appeal process, so if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask.

    In the meantime, are you getting much in the way of support with your mental health? Mind have some good resources for trying to deal with suicidal thoughts and there's the app, Stay Alive, which comes highly-recommended. Obviously if you're struggling with thoughts of suicide it's really important you speak to someone who's qualified and able to support you with this. Have you tried any talking services such as Samaritans (116 123) or SANEline (0300 304 7000)? There's also the crisis text service, Shout, which you can access by texting SHOUT to 85258.

    As a disability equality charity it's fair to say that our strengths lie more in the daily lives of disabled people than tackling complex mental health, but if it would interest you, we would be willing to advocate for additional support for you by way of a social care referral. If you'd like more information about this, or want to pursue it, please email us at [email protected]
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  • matic87
    matic87 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thank you I do have medication for my mental health just seems not to be working well.i hardly have any support.i have no self esteem to get anything done.i also have limited mobility in both legs due to my osteoarthritis and recurrent dislocation. I was not getting a lot of pip but I soppose it helped in some way.yeas i will be appealing
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,475 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome,

    Just so that you're aware for the future, when you report a change of circumstances for PIP they will always send you another PIP2 form to fill in and return with all your information. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as them making a decision without go through the whole process again.

    As you've now been refused, you have 1 month from the date of that decision to request the Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) you should put this in writing stating where you where you should have scored those points and your reasons why. Adding a couple of real life examples of what happened the last time you attempted that activity for each descriptor that applies to you.

    Do be aware that most MR decisions remain the same so you'll very likely have to take it to Tribunal like you did before.
  • matic87
    matic87 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    I have also written to my mp


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