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Workplace bullying due to disability

I work in a large company, but feel that I have been bullied and treated differently to other more mobile members of staff.
I have a number of issues including spinabiffida, fibro and severe arthritis. And sometimes cannot drive to work, although my job can be done from home (when they actually decide to give me some work) I am the only member of the team that isn't allowed to work from home as and when it pleases.
I have with the unions help put in an official grievance which was not upheld because I can't prove the things my line manager was saying to me eg. having me on the team is like being a member of staff short. He told me that he didn't know anything about my disabilities and didn't need to know.
Anyòne have any advice for me please I have bee  of work 5 months due to stress and depression because of this and can't see a way back, as I wohld still be on the same team as the bully.



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