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My name is Kym and i have been diagnosed with 2 slipped discs and 3 Herniated discs, disc Degenerative Disease, plus nerve damage in my legs, a shoulder that healed dislocated and mental health issues.
My GP has referred me to a pain management clinic and have heard nothing in 3 months,im really losing patience here.
In the states (where I was diagnosed) I went through physical therapy 4 times and 3 epidermal's before they put me on oxycodone 30 mg 4/day and morphine slow release 30 mg 2/day and THAT helped. 
When i saw the GP here they put me 6  30 mg lf codeine per day and refuse to give me anything stronger because they think I'm drug seeking, which is not true.
I know nothing will completely take the pain away but someone has to help me before I jump off a freaking bridge. I really cant take this level of pain anymore. 


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    I'm one of the community champions here on scope. I'm sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing. I know exactly what that feels like as i have multiple pain conditions myself.

    Unfortunately, waiting list for pain clinics are huge across most of the country and you could be waiting quite a lot longer yet i'm afraid.

    Where i live, i was referred back to the pain clinic in April and only last week did i finally receive an appointment for 17th January. Yes you did read right that will be 9 months of waiting.

    In the meantime have you tried doing other things to try to help with the pain? everyone experiences different levels of pain and what might work for 1 person, may not work for another, so it's trial an error i'm afraid. I find that a hot bath helps when my pain is at it's worse or even a hot shower. I suffer with pain through out the whole of my body but my legs are the most affected and heat definitely helps me.

    It's not usual for a GP to refuse to give any stronger pain medication than you're already taking. I've been taking the same dose of morphine for quite a few years and my GP refused to increase it. This was prescribed for me by the pain clinic too when i first started taking it.

    I really hope that you won't be waiting as long as i have but it's highly possible that you will be.
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    Hi @Kimeva24, I'm sorry to hear about the lack of support for your pain. Like Poppy has said, different things can work for different things. I use heat and a TENS machine, I know ice is beneficial for others.

    I really hope you aren't having to wait too long for the clinic!