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thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
Hello good morning to every one. I do have a lot of care, concerns those with addiction histories.

Being an alcoholic for thirty years, now clean thirteen next year.

I know this time of year those like me get the anxiety. The depression sets in the panics, emotions, fears all around relapsing.

Or even thinking of how to approach this time of year.

I have a lot of knowledge, experience.

Use if I can suggest some relevant points some guidance.

The first thing is you need to be aware of your own safety, is it important to be around those drinking.

Be organised have a plan.  Think what your doing.  Be practical sensible is this a good idea to go around town pub to pub if that is something going to happen.

With friends or work colleagues. 

If you have a sponsor from AA or rehab Councillor please talk to them. Right now. Discuss options, choices every one has a right.   Important word NO .

Not a problem if this going to be relapsing.  Understand if this going to be causing you a serious problems and find you undone all the work you have and your team have done.

I have always been honest and open.

With my issues.  In the past gone out have not had a drink for months then relapsed again, again thrown out of rehab.

Then the mental health starts again, depression, anxiety and much more pain. Why do this just say NO.

Have safety measures in place. Contacts of friends, sponsors numbers on your mobile.

Use Taxi.  One thing I used to do. Have a envelope, with money .  Spare for taxi fare and a note saying who I am my name, address.

Then any taxi knows you are take you home.

Doctors emergency numbers at home in a safe place.  Sponsors any thing or wish to call or be supportive.

Just create a space in your diary or not have one use a piece of paper. List your contacts, helplines any one to help you in distress.

Alternatives do not wish to be a party pooper or cause a scene.

Suggestions to friends or work colleagues have meals out.  Where alcohol is not all the time present.  

Make sure you tell some one in your group.  Often a difficult one but if they care, love you understand.

One other have a home or simple get together at some one else's. Alcohol is not an essential part of having a good time, make it enjoyable.

Fun times , film nights  be sensible.

Nothing to bring back reminders, triggers.

I say this because one time some one in my party. At home. Bought along Leaving Las Vegas film about an alcoholic.

Ruined the evening, any way all hell broke loose.

I did not know what it about around half hour the idiot.  Disclosed to him privately.  Some people are not worth bothering about if they fail to understand or be supportive, remove them.

You need radiators not drains. 

All I know lost a lot of friends that night.

Have a quiz or some board games.  Use the time to chat, talk be honest.

Please can I suggest and please add if this does happen. The relapse the emotions, the feelings.

You do beat yourself up. I just want to add this is the time then to think about using Rehab contacts.

As that is there job there role or use anything like AA. 

Other organisations Talk to Frank useful.  Samaritans.


Please if you are alone coping with addiction, try to think positive.  Have coping methods in place avoid TV if this causing fears, insecurities too many ads and all around booze and anything else related.

Soaps all in pubs, other aspects of our Christmas Obsessions with booze, alcohol. Do I need. Find good things to do. puzzle books, music. Radio alternatives.

Radio has this time of year many good programmes something different to listen to.

Remember your in control you can get through this just one day.  

Have friends, any one to call sponsor and networks.

Please think of if you want to use this forum, happy to be supportive of any one.

I did last year and continue to do so.


Please can I add this bit is for who do drink. 

Make some days sober free.  

Do not binge then have sober free days then binge again this the signs you becoming alcoholic.

The body can not cope needs recovery.

Please any of the following signs speak to your GP.

Drinking all the time to be confident helps self esteem. Doing this is not helping as with any stimulant effects include depression.  After stopping.

Memory problems forgetting where you are, names people so on.

Alcoholic  Amnesia a common problem, issue I had this, not good.

Not eating, sleeping,  using alcohol to replacement of essential diet, nutrition .

Had this as well .

Alcohol drinking alone in secret, hiding it using a soft drink instead but adding alcohol .

Gin, Vodka or Whiskey no one knows but you do.

Done that as well.

Moods swings, tremors, black outs, falling over and minor trips, falls hang overs.

Done that as well many times.

Time to think about stopping.




Example a large glass of wine is three units per glass. Well over limits for drinking and driving.


I will say my alcohol consumption a small glimmer of my past history.

A number still resonates with me. I apologise if those who know.

180 average a week.  I say this number do know probably more can not remember it something I still regret, be aware not knowing.

That is three bottles of wine a day. Or one big bottle of Vodka a day. According to my counsellor I had. 

One of the friends whom I met . In rehab  340 units a week. Equates to 40 cans strong lager a day.

Have and do still think about that.

Unable to stop please speak to the following.  Your GP.

These organisations.

Alcoholics Anonymous 


Helpline 0800 9177 650

Talk to Frank  

Mainly Drugs other addictions.


Helpline 0300 123 6600

Mental health support all have alcohol. addiction advisors.




Please one important point you can be helped but please do this asap.

Reasons are the sooner the belter. Alcoholism is a disease and should be treated like one.

I waited too long in my own issues, have physical disability but even worse have pain, muscles lost a lot of friends. Plus weight issues, on long term meds .  Using my own health as an example used diet, nutritional advice and now can and do understand.

Using the education my own coping methods strategies now on the mend but some days still have problems.

Thank you all for reading.


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