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Alough I'm in my 60s, I feel and behave like someone in their 50s. I'm a bit of a party animal, but since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and lung cancer along with bladder cancer, pancritis and copd, I feel that I have been abandoned by society and also by hospital consultants. I consider myself to be a very interesting guy with lots to offer. Any advice out there for me??


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    Hello @malachy   Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    I am one of the team of community champions.

    We support, help and advise members of our community.

    Please if I can suggest. Looking at support groups for your conditions, illness.

    Can bring into contacts with others like you.

    Using Volunteering is another one, contact your local Community Volunteer Unit.

    County Council.

    Some other ideas use Well being Courses looking at daily living issues. All are free.

    Aspects of health are diet, nutrition, sleep, mental health therapies. Yoga so on.

    Meet a lot of people.

    Organisations may be of interest to you have support groups, social and anything else. You may find helpful.


    Helpline  0800 055 6112


    Helpline 020 7367 4500 

    Most Branches have various support groups and offer lunch.  Tea chat and anything they can assist with.


    For any Cancer support welfare.

    Helpline  0808 808 0000

    Multiple Sclerosis 


    Help line  0808 800 8000

    Please if I can help anything else or need to ask anything. Be a pleasure to help you just tag my username.

    Please take care.


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    Thank you. 
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    my dad was just the same cos he had terminal cancer.the hospital wrote him off,cos of that ,dad gave up,they told dad he had six months,next question was,when you die ,do you want to be resuscitated, l said hold on minute my dad is still alive...
    with that my dad gave up,he was dead in a week...
     not trying to frighten you,but don't give up,just don't give up,keep fighting l say,keep doing as much you possibly can,cos doctors know nothing ,l swear they write ya off,it's like,oh you got cancer,sorry bye,doctors are like that 
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    I have spent much time over the last few years with disabled and severely disabled people and ALL, without exception, complained about getting less support for well known and not so well known conditions that have been around for years compared to anyone with Cancer. Whilst I am not trying to belittle the illness as, to most people, a short term terminal diagnosis is the worst that could happen, I and others believe that a long term, slowly life sapping condition is far worse when you are faced with 20, 30 years or more of no support or assistance.

    We should all be grateful for any support we get and just wish that, after the standard 5 years of NHS help and assistance, we don't just get forgotten and left to it.

    I don't mean to insult anyone but I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition at age 49 and am now 62 and not only has the system stopped supporting me properly but family has too. No one quite knows how to deal with such long term illness especially when there is no real reason why it should not continue for another 2 or 3 decades. I lost the basic ability to walk anything but short distances of a few meters around 5-6 years ago. And yet I am lucky compared to some I have known who have been ill since their teens or since birth and only parent help has kept them going. What happens to them when they lose that support I hate to even guess at. 

    Keeping going is down to just slogging through day by day trying not to be forgotten or considered unimportant.

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    Hi @malachy, how are you doing today?