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Depression and anxiety - Disability or not?

victoriakatrina1993 Community member Posts: 4 Listener
All I would like to know if depression and anxiety are classed as a mental disability.


  • juliaparry24
    juliaparry24 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    Yes, depression and anxiety are medically classed as a disability, they are both classed as mental disabilities, I know coz I suffer from both anxiety and depression,

    My best advise would be to try and speak to someone that you trust about how you feel, it could be anyone a close friend? A family member, a partner? Or a family doctor?

    It's better not to bottle it up or it might get worse for you, their is always help out their

    Your never alone remember that, I've suffered with both of them for 9 years now
  • Bettahm
    Bettahm Community member Posts: 1,443 Disability Gamechanger
    Cant get any help for depression and anxiety round here. I have been discharged from counselling because they say mine is linked to my ASD.
  • juliaparry24
    juliaparry24 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    I had counciling myself it helped for a short while but then it just made me feel worse, it definitely depends what area you live in and what services are available in the area but I think all areas should have a disability team or at least somewhere to go were peoples voices are actually hurd instead of being judged

    Tablets help some people yet for others it makes things worse for them, everyone is different and we all cope with things differently but we all have the same understanding that some things should change within the mental health services

    I hope that you both receive the help and support that you both are looking for, I hope things get better for myself too
  • Bettahm
    Bettahm Community member Posts: 1,443 Disability Gamechanger
    Counsellors said I wouldn't be able to cope with counselling right now and discharged me. I rereferred myself, they reassessed, but wont take me back. I've searched for help and support with the ASD and been told by organisations that do this, there is none available in this area. So currently have no help or support from anyone. No close family, no friends. I'm wondering whether to contact the local council. Not working, I'm on UC. I think it's all pretty disgusting.
  • juliaparry24
    juliaparry24 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    It is disgusting that you don't have any support or help and it's also disappointing to hear that they won't do nothing to help you find the help and support that you need, I would say yes to you going to the council and telling them everything that you have done to try and get help and tell them how many times you've been knocked back

    I hope that they listen to you tbh, coz things like this need to be changed, just remember that you're never alone

    Please try your best to stay positive and hopefully you have people on hear to chat to
  • juliaparry24
    juliaparry24 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    @victoriakatrina1993 I hope you are ok and I hope you find the courage to get the help
  • Bettahm
    Bettahm Community member Posts: 1,443 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm beginning to think that depression and anxiety are not taken seriously. Especially anxiety.  
    Going to ring local council, see what they say. Maybe county council too. Just for a ps. I emailed one local organisation 5 times last year. They have never answered.
  • Bettahm
    Bettahm Community member Posts: 1,443 Disability Gamechanger
    Found a letter I must have mislaid confirming beyond doubt that I was discharged from counselling as they think my depression and anxiety is due to autism. The letter says find an autism support group (I start with the horses next week). My second cousin, closest relative, dont really know her, has kind of dismissed my d and a as 'all In the mind'  like imagination type thing, and just relax'.  Not helpful.
    So no NHS counselling available, and no adult autism support groups (yet). County council suppose to be doing something next month, dont know what .
    But it's the discharge from being able to talk to a professional counsellor with this lame excuse about 'linked to the autism'  that's really angered me.
    Rant over, but needed to say. The current system is disgusting, at least in this county.
  • juliaparry24
    juliaparry24 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    Depression and anxiety should always be taken seriously at all times, the mental health services does need to be developed more though tbh, even in England its not fully managed properly 
  • Bettahm
    Bettahm Community member Posts: 1,443 Disability Gamechanger
    I suspect the counsellors I were seeing are incredibly overworked as they appear to be the only NHS ones for miles around.
    Not excusing them for discharging me though. 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @juliaparry24   Pleased to meet you.

    I am one of the team of community champions.

    I have a long term mental health issues mainly anxiety and depression.

    Addiction history and disability.

    I use all my knowledge, expertise , education to help, support members on the community having problems .

    With mental health.

    Please if I can suggest the following.

    Please read carefully this is a lot of information and advice .

    If you feel is too much write it down or down load .  Read this later.

    There are mental health charities all have the following.

    Offer floating support , guidance and advice , information with any thing your coping with.

    Benefits advice and guidance including form filling in and attendance at any assessments.

    Signposting with health issues problems, addiction anything else.

    Do take clientele with additional disabilities as well mental health.




    Might not be in all areas . You can self refer or speak to your GP.

    Please can I add I am here also to ask any questions on mental health, diet, wellbeing and health.

    Any addiction or reliant on alcohol please ask me for advice am just here to help.

    I am sorry you Emailed the charity got no reply.

    I would always suggest go through your GP. You can self refer but I have always asked my GP to send a letter.

    Please also may I add some other information you may not be aware of.

    Councils Services are being cut and budgets stretched. As for charities unfortunately the same.

    Many of the staff are over worked underpaid and stressed to a high degree. Over burden of clientele.

    Must add work long hours see my last support worker sending me Emails in to late evening , after sending me texts most mornings around nine or before that, something you need to know.

    Because if you do apply to any charity you be assessed given opportunities to deal with your problems.

    Offered care plans, aims and goals. Anything your not hapy with discuss anything you do not accept or insist they are not right, might end up dismissing you.

    All part of the structure of mental health charities.

    Practical coping methods, strategies and one important asset all charities have support groups monthly.

    Education, knowledge and training on medication, sleep, diet, nutrition . Other health issues. Social activities and leisure activities.

    One other important point you are if not co operative, not helping yourself making some problems for those helping you.

    You have an opportunity to discuss. All charities need to have a care policy a complaints policy do reviews, how you are.

    Unfortunately they will dismiss you if ever think you are not responsive.  To any suggestions, guidance, advice.  

    This is due to costs, budgets and time.

    Please can I add further make a suggestion about diet and nutrition.

    Please read carefully this will help you.

    Certain foods we consume cause problems with anxiety or depression.

    These are Caffeine, in Teas, Coffees, Cola and  Chocolate.

    Avoid Alcohol concerned consumption happy to be talking to you please ask anything I can do to advise.

    This an stimulants when we get anxious we reach for the above.

    Consuming more makes the symptoms worse.

    Eat a well balanced diet, plenty of Lean Meat Chicken Turkey .

    Fruit, Vegetables, Beans, Pulses, Whole Grains Bread, Pasta, Rice.

    Eggs, Nuts if you allergic do not eat or food in tolerances.

    Leafy Greens, Broccoli, Kale, Spinach.

    For further advice always consult your GP.

    You can contact your local County Council Well being unit may be able to help you.

    One final point as in any treatment or condition or illness . Building up knowledge, education can beneficial to your own well being.

    I have had mine since a long-term and still learn, educate and have gleaned knowledge continuous .

    Hence my user name the Spices, Herbs I use alternative therapies and must add never take any herbal supplement or spice supplement.

    With out consulting GP . As some spices, herbs interfere with meds if taking.

    Please take care and thank you for reading.


    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • juliaparry24
    juliaparry24 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    Thanks for the advice and help, I've been to my gp already and they have sent a referral off to the disability team

    I'm now just waiting for a letter back from the disability  team so I can have a disability assessment done

    I've tried tablets before but they made my anxiety and depression worse instead of better

    I've had a bit of counselling when I was younger and that helped me for a while

    But the coping mechanisms that I've been using for the past have all of a sudden stopped working

    I only drink on special occasions and have never had any drink or drug problems

    I've suffered from anxiety and depression for the past 9 years and I've never got the proper help or support

    I don't have a support worker or anything like that, I haven't had one of those since I turned 16 and I'm now 24, I'm turning 25 in April 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @juliaparry24   Thank you for reply.

    Please if I can add the following points that may be of use to you.

    Medication any antidepressants at first do make you worse and the that is because the body is reacting to new changes.

    I have been on medication since my early teens all have side effects.

    Take months sometimes to work, any problems you need to speak to GP.

    All medications add one other. There needs to a review to your GP.  Should be doing this as a GP.

    I get sent on my prescription review date. That is a guide, even so any medication first reviews fortnightly or agreed with your Doctor.

    Also education is the key here. Looking at any leaflet supplied with medication.

    Signs when taking are going to be sickness, tiredness, dizzy, strange feelings.

    Stomach and bowel problems. These do subside and reduce.

    If there making you not better then may be increase the dosage.

    I found in one time taking them at a wrong time, soon before bedtime, not as I should be two three hours and take with food my evening meal.

    Works OK.

    I did also ask for this went on courses to use medication,  it is just not a case of taking medication there are incentives.

    These are available free by the way on Community Health Unit need to enquire.

    In combination with your proper diet and nutrition I have added in previous post to your well being.

    I am one right now new medication high dosage has the following, sweating, sickness, nausea, dizzy and tiredness.

    When waking up need to take morning. All meds take a while to kick in.

    I know get dry mouth and tiredness so have good breakfast, have water.  Need to eat.

    Mentioned another point need help right now with support and guidance.

    Good that is another problem though because had this nine years.

    All changed in the world of mental health and you need to be aware.

    All different now, many mental health teams, charities have and do use coping methods. You mentioned this , if the ones your using not relevant then you need to be educating yourself again.

    One other insignificant aspect of mental health is to be open, embracing think of being confidence, positivity.  

    Life with mental health can be challenging if you do contact the charities I mentioned. You have to be honest, open and truthful.

    Many of the staff have a wealth of experience, knowledge.

    May have mental health themselves, must add you need also to be thinking of being responsive as I said before.

    Charities work as a very much a business as it them to look to make decisions, choices in discussions with you.

    Any denial not acceptance will consider their own position.

    Often informing you that they can not help you if you do not be responsive or be embracing open and honest, be listening.

    All support workers have literally have a large number of people to see and need and do love those whom want to be listening, learning and coping.

    All charities have social support outings, things you will enjoy with others like you.  Deny do not go not interested they will need to talk to you as it part of your recovery.

    Let you go. Sorry to tell you this but is the way now. Systems, over burden numbers. I got a three year contract best thing ever.

    Even though had knowledge used more to my folders and library have here at home.

    Useful informative.

    Sorry to hear you had this for nine years obviously a difficult time.  I know had problems my self in my early twenties from Doctors.

    I do think though you have to find a solution some one to help you but you have to help yourself.

    Make changes I listed, off the alcohol even special occasions sorry .

    Should never be taking alcohol no matter what with mental health causes body imbalances.

    Also look another suggestion look at wellbeing service, some times need to do and find some more help.

    Exercise, good well balanced diet, relaxation techniques, yoga or meditation, calming can be effective.

    Understand done a lot of research in to mental health and use alternative therapies for my self.

    Herbs, spices know what to take and are useful .

    This condition is coping, making sensible practical choices.

    You can live a much normal every day life.

    I do have concerns and do care about our community members.

    I wish you well please any questions please ask, also please ask your team or any charity.

    Please take care.


    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • juliaparry24
    juliaparry24 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
     thanks for the reply I've tried meditation before but it never seems to work for me, all the mental health services have changed now hear, I've had counselling and it helped me for a while

    I had social services help me until I was 15 but then they cut me off from any further support from them

    I started having anxiety and depression after my father died when I turned 16 and I've had it ever since

    Breathing techniques do work some of the time now, I have quite a good variety in my diet, I just don't have a big appetite

    Thanks for all the advice and guidance that everyone has given me

    I'm just looking forward to getting a disability assessment done, hopefully that might help, at least then I might understand why I am the way I am 
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