Housing and independent living
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Looking for advice

Niki03Niki03 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I’m 34 and I’ve recently become a wheelchair user and am living in my mums living room as I can’t go upstairs, which also means I have no access to a toilet or shower.  I have carers to help me but I can’t get into the kitchen with my wheel chair Due to the layout of the house. 
I also have to rely on people getting me out of the house as i need ramps out of the front door. 
The OT has seen me and said that my mums house needs major adaption to accommodate me or they can look at moving me somewhere else.  I’m torn between staying with my mum as she support me but if I have somewhere that’s adapted to me I will be more independent.
Any advice would be appreciated 
thank you 


  • chiariedschiarieds Member Posts: 7,940 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Niki03 - Welcome to the community. Whilst I appreciate your dilemma, I'm unsure I can give any advice as it's going to come down to your personal choice. You could try listing the pros & cons of staying or moving out & see if that helps. Think about how would your Mum feel having her house adapted, & how long would that take? Is there wheelchair friendly accomodation where you'd like to live? Having your Mum's support, or adapting to living on your own, etc. Perhaps others may have some thoughts on this.
  • steve51steve51 Member Posts: 7,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Niki03

    Good Afternoon it’s great to meet you today.

    I had a Stroke in 1998 at the age of 32.

    As my “Brain AVM” had become very very troublesome over the following 20+ years so has its damage.

    Initially the OT/Council came out & fitted rails in & around my house.

    I needed a stairlift as my only toilet/bathroom was upstairs.

    The “OT” said “Yes” & the “Council” said “No” to “Expensive”

    I also had to ask them to come out again.

    The OT said that I needed a lift through my ceiling into my bedroom.

    But again I was told “NO” as it was too “Expensive”
    I need to use a wheelchair in & around my house.

    A bungalow would be best but my current house is in & around my family and there jobs.

    We are within the main “shopping routines” as well.

    So a bungalow is a nonstarter.

    Please please let me know how you feel???

  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,924

    Scope community team

    Hi @Niki03. How are you getting on? Have you spoken with your mum about about the different options? 
    Senior Community Partner

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