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Induction Loop

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I am a reasonably fit 83 year old male with practically no hearing in my left ear and only about 30% in the right ear and am obviously very reliant on a hearing aid. I watch more TV than is good for me especially in the middle of the night when my type two diabetes causes me to wake up and so I reply upon subtitles heavily.  Regrettably the requirements to add subtitles are not very high and many TV program providers don’t add them.  I used to be able to rely upon a very effective Induction Loop system but that has gone.

My elderly Panasonic TV started to lose subtitles last year especially on BBC so it had to go which was a pity because the Bellman Induction Loop which was connected to the TV by Scart connections was very effective.

It was not until I had bought and set up a new Panasonic TV that I found that it did not have Scart connections because Panasonic had started to use HDMI connections so my Induction Loop was stuffed.  I went back and asked the staff at PCWorld Currys uk for advice but they thought that their job was selling not understanding the equipment that they sold. I then commenced a period of asking all sorts of organisation how I could sort out my old Induction Loop and I received much expensive advice that led me to buy a number of converters none of which worked.

By that stage I had reached the conclusion that perhaps the old Induction Loop was Analogue and the new Panasonic was Digital.  During that time various types of Induction Loop were suggested but when I looked into them I found that I required additional pieces of equipment so I have come to this forum in the hope that there will be people who could advise me.

Many thanks in advance,

Brian L            



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