Hello, I'm Azea1ia.

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I don't want to mention my name because I'm a little bit nervous here but if you wish to identify me with a name, I'm Azealia/Azzi. I'm 20 from England but hopefully moving to Finland at some point, and I've recently gotten a stick to help me about. The stick itself is amazing, it has helped me get alot of weight off my bad hip, and the sparks it seems to shoot flaming prickling pain down my leg. However, the stick has changed me. For some people it's been a wake up call that I've been struggling and am still struggling and getting worse with whatevers wrong with me, and others have grown distant. There's been alot more heckling at me due to the fact that I am 20 and look younger. I just want to be able to live my life but every wobbly step I take towards steering my own path out of depression and my stupid bed seems to bring controversy. I keep struggling with people thinking I'm faking it, or my relationship is going too fast because I'm autistic I'm seen as unreliable. I hate it. I have to keep reminding people that I'm a grown woman with a damn brain in my head and I'm only wired a little bit diffrently to everyone else. I've been taking my relationship slowly, but I want to be able to move to Finland and settle down so that I can work on hobbies and getting comfortable in life. I just want someone to see me as a grown woman with feelings and not a china teacup. It drives me mad.


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    Hi @azea1ia and welcome to the community. There's absolutely no expectation here that you share anything more than you're comfortable sharing.
    What's prompted the plans to move to Finland? :smile:
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    Hi @azea1ia and a very warm welcome to the community. I'm glad the stick has helped with pain. :)
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    Hi @azea1ia - Welcome to this very supportive & friendly community, & thank you for joining. I can imagine your frustration at some people not understanding! And it's great we're all different; what a boring world it would be if we were all the same.
    With my genetic disorder the only good thing about it is we look younger. My son was still getting asked his age at 25, & a few months back, aged 33, a work colleague said he looked too young to be married! The advantages come when you're older. I keep getting asked what have I done to myself as I use elbow crutches to get around, so hopefully I don't look too old yet!
    Do you know what the problem is with your hip? What sort of hobbies do you do?