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Motability choices, adaptions and affordability.

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Just picked my new motability lease car. But think I may of made a bit of a slip up. I like to think I always choose wisely and carefully. But due to an adaption I’ve just discovered exists but is not suggested in the general description of adaptions available on the scheme, I might of needlessly restricted my choice of vehicles. As an above knee amputee right side, I use a flip left foot accelerator pedal adaption. These are only available as far as I was aware, on auto box models or semi auto ones. (my full car licence still permits my qualified use of manual gearbox vehicles with any adaption or modification required for safe use). I also need to consider advance payment and mpg affordability in my choice and size to accommodate my w/chair & luggage etc. Normally such cars are most economical as diesel derivatives, but due to ever increasing advance payments on autos and semi autos, especially the more economical diesel variants,  I have had to rethink my choice parameters. I can’t afford an advance payment at any level if I’m honest and the number of cars available that cost the full weekly allowance level, that fit my needs (not status seeking choices) in terms of size and economy are fewer and fewer at every scheme pricing review. I’ve chosen a Kia Niro Hybrid semi auto this time. left foot accelerator pedal adaption. Nil Adv payment and hopefully should still achieve decent mpg of 50+ combined (touch wood). 
BUT... I’ve just come across an adaption that allows driving a regular stock manual gearbox with a gear stick push button clutch. Now this would open up access to all the most economical variants, that attract all the lower / nil advance payments, that I could choose before my amputation limited me to autos or semi autos. Do any other members have any experience of this adaption? Would it be appropriate as a consideration for a left foot accelerator pedal adaption user? Is it a ‘free’ scheme adaption like the pedals and such? If the adaption would be appropriate for me, and as it isn’t clearly mentioned in any motability publications as a possibility, what are my chances of asking Motability to cancel the present order and allowing me to consider my choices for another car with this clutch adaption on a manual gearbox. My lease end and swap date is March 9th this year. From what I’ve read online, the adaption is available for all manual gearbox cars and is available on the scheme (though no cost is mentioned) and is offered by most adaption installers and manufacturers , such as gosling etc. 
Thanks in advance for any help and advice. 



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