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Hi, my name is louise1971!

louise1971 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I feel so angry I went for pip Assessment I explained to assessor I’m waiting to see nurse for my respiratory I have copd it looked like she was typing more than asking me direct questions never let me speak I suffer with musculoskeletal disease need hip  replacement I feel safe being in house .i got to see phsciatrist I also have cpn I was diagnosed with severe anxiety I have  eupd cptsd I’ve been fighting over year I went for esa assement one month ago and put on support group due to having physical disability’s I was given full points but not for everyday life it made me angry when I seen the lies the assessor from pip put down I just cried as I know my house is my safety but feel locked away I hope the medical evidence from esa will show the tribunal the lies she told it’s not about money but the truth the assessment with esa much better I’m getting really anxious as the tribunal on 17th February I’ve not been out house only to doctors con and my phsicitrist I can’t stop crying especially after seeing the report I’ve to take to tribunal I have been diagnosed with mental health problems physical it was my doctor who read what she had written and said I need to make appointment for citizen advice that’s in doctors surgery so I just pray when they see all evidence and realise how much she lied about me so many times I had suicidal thoughts I believe in honesty 


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @louise1971   Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    Sorry to hear what you have been though, I know you come to the right place for support, information and advice.

    I am one of the Community Champions of the forum, we advise and help those with problems, issues.

    Please can I suggest you read this carefully. This is information and advice concerned, will help you.

    Please make notes write it down if this helps you.

    I would consider speaking to mental health charities. They offer floating support, guidance, advice with benefits, welfare and your health.

    You mention having a psychiatrist the mental health charities would support you with this.

    Always useful having additional support, help understand and cope with situations like this.

    Accept clientele with disabilities as well mental health.




    You can self refer or speak to your GP.

    Might not be in all areas.

    Please if I can help with anything further.  Please ask.

    Offer compassion, empathy, sensitivity.

    Please can I add if you having suicidal thoughts.. You to talk to some one who is a professional who can help you talk to you.

    The Samaritans call free 116 123 .  Please if you think you in self harm think going to be hurting you self.

    Feel not safe.

    Call 999  Nearest hospital.

    Please take care.


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  • chiarieds
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    Hi @louise1971 - & welcome. I'm very sorry about your PIP assessment; my first one was the same, the assessor busy typing, & stopped me from saying as much as I wanted.
    It is upsetting I know, but the important thing now is to focus on getting the right result for yourself at your tribunal. This will be your chance to say how your disabilities affect you; don't waste time talking about the assessor's report, as they just want to hear about the difficulties you have, not your diagnoses.
    The tribunal is not anything to worry about; just 3 people listening to you.
    I know it must be hard to do, but forget the assessor's report. You do not need to worry about this any more.
    Have you taken your doctor's advice, & made an appointment with the Citizen's Advice Bureau? They may be able to help you prepare for the tribunal.
    Please look after yourself, & look at the information my friend the spiceman has given too.
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,545 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @louise1971 and a very warm welcome to the community. I'm very sorry to hear that the PIP assessment didn't go well. 

    Are you able you able to discuss things with your CPN?

    In the meantime, you've been signposted to Samaritans (116 123) but have you tried the crisis text service Shout (you can access this by texting SHOUT to 85258), or SANEline (0300 304 7000) who are open from 4.30pm to 10.30pm every day of the year. I don't know if you have a smart phone, but there's also the Stay Alive app you can download.

    There also is this resources from Mind about tackling thoughts of suicide, if you're having these thoughts it's really important you speak to someone qualified and able to support you. 

    If it would help we would be more than willing to try and find you some local support. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on [email protected]



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