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Bending & Lifting Exercises?

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Not really sure which section to put this in so feel free to move if necessary!

I'll start by saying I don't have any diagnosed physical issues, just IBS & plenty of mental issues.  However I've been physically able to do less & less progressively over the last few years due to problems with bending & lifting.  These include getting very nauseous, lots of gas (both ends), a sharp 'twinge' around my lower gut area (thought about hernia but too low down I think), a  stabbing pain in the base of my spine, feeling very lightheaded and wobbly after even a small exertion and getting quickly fatigued.  I do also suffer with regular nose bleeds so have to try and avoid that too.  It's got to the point now where I'm struggling to even hoover the floors let alone something like washing the car.  I used to pass the time with things like tinkering with cars, detailing them & gardening but haven't been able to do more than the most basic, low effort, standing or sitting tasks for a while.

I'm in my late 20's yet I feel more like 80's lol!  I just wondered if there were any exercises I could do to build up to trying and get back into doing some more things?  I admit I have lost a lot of motivation as I don't have a garden, I have an old car with scruffy paint so it's not worth detailing and can't afford the detailing supplies or any modifications like I used to fit, and have drifted away from old acquaintances who I used to help with their cars as well.  In fact, helping other people fix cars was the only sociable thing I ever did, I found it much less anxiety-inducing to do that than any proper social stuff!

The reason for asking this now is because I'll be moving house shortly...and I'm dreading trying to move everything and without making myself more unwell!!  I don't know anyone to help and as I'm a perfectionist on a very low income don't want to pay for everything to be broken by a removal company as I've seen too many times with other people!  I'm not moving far and have a sack barrow so I'm not bothered about the actual moving distance, it's the lifting and bending at each end that I'm worried about.

So yeah, any tips or advice welcome!


  • wilko
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     Hello and welcome, I would, if I where  you get a referral from your GP to a Registered Physiotherapist who will be able to advise you on the best exercises to do in light of you illnesses especially IBS. He or she will know what’s best instead of going to a gym or taking opinions and advice on exercises off a forum.
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    Fair point, but that's not possible at the moment.  I would assume there are others on here in similar positions though. :)
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    Hello @OverlyAnxious   My friend sorry to hear this .

    I have the following to give you some organisations some help and some guidance.

    I do this every morning movements of the arms and legs. Deep breathing.

    Use music had and since had muscle weakness recommended to me.

    Please as with any exercise consult your GP.

    Wellbeing service Community Health service has a range of programmes, healthy lifestyle courses and much more.

    Moving home and problems lifting carrying need some one.

    Last two speak to them contact them see what they can offer. A lot of support help and advice in a crisis.

    Might have to give a donation, just a thought.

    Mental Health if I had mentioned these before would be useful, helpful sorry to repeat them again..

    Offer a range of services, support.

    Please if I can help further please ask.


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    Hi @OverlyAnxious - I hope I may be able to help a little. First, if you haven't already done so, have a declutter. It's not worth moving items you haven't used in the past few years, nor clothes you haven't worn. Secondly, as a physiotherapist (with the caveat that I haven't worked as such for a very long time, yet use exercise to maintain my limited mobility.....some things you just don't forget!), I hope I have some insight.
    If you can, pack items on a table & don't make the boxes too heavy. If lifting from the floor, place your feet about your shoulder's width apart, breathe out, then tighten your abdominal muscles, & keeping a nearly straight back, bend your knees to lower yourself, keep the box/item you're lifting as close to your body as possible, & push upwards with your legs, keeping your spine straight. Breathe in.
    Exercises: Would recommend the following from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapist's website. Do a little & often, & build up gradually. See: 
    Click on 'knee pain,' & 'knee extension strengthening' or quads exercise, sitting on a chair first, as this is with a short lever (just lifting the lower part of your leg upwards. Progress to doing this lying down, 'a straight leg lift' (which is a long lever as you're lifting the whole leg). It helps to put a small rolled up towel under your knee, & push down onto that with the back of your knee, whilst pulling your foot up at right angles to your lower leg at the same time; your heel will rise up just a little, & then you lift your whole leg. To progress this a little further, try lowering your leg slowly, particularly the last few inches! Only do a straight leg raise on one leg at a time, but do alternate legs.
    Equally important, is to exercise the opposite muscle group to the quads, i.e. the hamstrings, so follow that exercise. The 'sit to stand,' 'step ups' (use bottom step if you have stairs), & the 'mini squat' use both muscle groups. Hope these videos will be a 'virtual' physio & show you how to exercise correctly & safely.
    Any questions, please do say.

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    Hi @OverlyAnxious, how are you getting on with these? :)

  • OverlyAnxious
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    Morning @Chloe_Scope , I thought I'd replied to this over the weekend, must have got side-tracked reading other threads!

    Thanks to both @thespiceman & @chiarieds, very helpful!  I must have learnt manual handling at college around 10 years ago but had forgotten since.  Using the lifting technique described has been far easier on my back at least. 

    I had already been having a sort & clearout prior to the move, though I'm basically the opposite of a hoarder anyway, if it's not in daily use it generally doesn't stay here long! :D  Have found a few things to sell on ebay though so that's a little less to move of course.

    Unfortunately the nausea seems to be linked with the IBS so when that's bad I still can't bend & lift without problems.  I can't seem to find any particular food that's causing or contributing though, it seems to come in waves for a few days at a time (and especially bad around the time of 'passing') regardless of what I've eaten so can only hope it's not too bad on the moving day.  It's not something I can control so just trying not to think about it really.  It does seem to be slightly worse with C rather than D (sorry if that's TMI!) and high stress days tend to cause D so there is some hope there!  I do know I'll be in and out of the bathroom all day anyway, I just hope it doesn't zap too much energy, will have to try and pack in a few extra calories in the days beforehand but that's not easy with all my food issues.  I was told to try and eat a bit of cake or biscuit every day to increase my calorie intake, BMI, and ultimately energy levels but it's been 6 months so far and it hasn't worked...I'm still exactly the same weight as before I started doing that lol, can't say I have any more energy either!  So it seems like all it's doing is ruining my teeth which was already a huge fear of mine...  Not much I can do about food issues until I have more income & less OCD though so won't take this thread off topic!

    I have also been trying to knee/leg exercises, I hope the extra aches mean it's working!  Funny thing is, I do a fair bit of walking (try to get out once a day for 30 mins now) and assumed that must be good for legs/knees/etc but it must use different muscles to lifting and bending!  I also get achy after a bit of town driving with lots of gearshifts so that must be different muscles again.  Bodies in general disgust me so I'm not clued up on all the muscles etc. :D

    Still yet to receive a moving date yet so will continue with the suggestions! :)
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    Hello @OverlyAnxious   Thank you for kind words.

    I noticed might not be food issues. Just a suggestion do an exclusion diary on food.

    Also nausea is another symptom of anxiety.

    Get nauseous drink water slowly ice cold from the tap. 

    You mentioned IBS.

    I do know about certain aspects of this. Including diet, nutrition.

    What to take knew a lot of ladies with the condition. Needed to ask my advice and guidance.

    Doctors not interested.  I have the qualifications, experience time and knowledge.

    Pleasure to help them if and when they needed to ask me anything.

    Always get a diagnosis .

    Need to include Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

    Water plenty of it.

    Live Natural Yoghurt which contains bacteria cultures.

    Companies like Total, Onken, some supermarket do.

    I eat a lot of Yoghurt helps with anxiety  add in Honey, Cinnamon good for Anxiety, stomach and bowels.

    Greek and Natural not low fat just the real thing. No Greek Style a marketing ploy .

    Low fat remember added in something taken away the essential ingredient.

    Greek Yoghurt yes full fat but we need that for bones, teeth, strength and protein.

    If you lactose intolerance lots of alternative tried them . Soya, Almond based.

    Go on line websites key in lactose intolerance find a lots of ranges.

    To avoid High fibre Cereals, Bran, any foods you susceptible to.  Peas, Beans, Lentils.

    Some others are Citrus and related fruits.

    All depends the severity of your IBS.

    Sorbitol a sugar enzyme found in Milk can be harmful to IBS suffers. Thing is also found in Toothpastes, Gum and other products as a sugar substitute .

    I know but it is true hidden there.  Can bring bloated stomachs flatulence to susceptible people small amounts but cleaning teeth a lot can bring on an attack.

    If you have OCD .

    One of my tips is the following to build up strength and health.

    Use a slow cooker and make Soup from this. No need to add Onions or Leeks if they would effect you , Just use other vegetables.

    Carrots, Spinach Potatoes and Stock buy Chicken Thighs Frozen defrost add to Slow cooker then when cooked shredded.

    In the pot serve with Rice or any  thing like Noodles.

    Got tubs in fridge right now Chicken Minestrone know be not for you but make your own Pot Noodles.

    No cooking involved with Slow Cooker all frozen products defrosted add in use a portions of vegetable , use a bowl to tip when defrosted.

    Use kettle boiling pour over drain and back to bowl.

    Chicken defrosted from Frozen I use a tongs to add to Slow Cooker a suggestion for you.  Or two wooden spoons, into Slow Cooker and switch on low for hours.

    Use my self this Butternut Squash lots of vegetable frozen defrost first already done for you.

    Add in noodles pack to Wok no cooking add to Slow Cooker then have a portion rest either to a bowl transfer and to a sink of cold water.

    Cool down and leave in fridge snack on or have anytime. Freeze tin foil container label .

    Another snacks ideas is Peanut Nut Butter sandwich helps with protein , told by therapist to eat these.

    Unless you have food intolerance or allergies to nuts.

    Had no muscles, weakened from addiction.

    This organisation will advise you more.

    Telephone 0114 272 3253

    Please ask me anything happy to be supportive.

    Please take care.


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    Sorry to hear about the nausea @OverlyAnxious! I hope the stretches continue to be beneficial though. :) 

  • chiarieds
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    Hi @OverlyAnxious - Yes, walking is definitely good, but the exercises I gave links to should build your muscle strength up even more even tho it's the same muscle groups. I'm so pleased you're trying, as it should be worthwhile. Remember tho, a little & often, & build up gradually.
    I (almost) can't believe you were told to eat cake or biscuit, & yet my eldest granddaughter who additionally has coeliac disease, & was underweight, was told by a dietician to eat ice cream. Needless to say her parents didn't take her back to see the dietician.
    Both my son & I have low BMIs. We're the only slim people there when we get our annual 'MOT' with our cardiologist. My son hoped to change his weight of just about over 9 stone on a good day, being 6' tall. His way of increasing his calorie intake was to eat porridge/cereal for breakfast & eat twice as many wholemeal sandwiches at lunchtime.
    I've considered how this may possibly help you. I've looked at some cereal bars which have a shockingly high content of sugar, but there are some oat or rice based bars that may be helpful, if you felt able to try them.
    Might I ask if you use gluten free bread, which may be helpful? Try stuff that doesn't contain wheat; my eldest (coeliac) granddaughter also likes rice crackers, if you felt able to put them in a container after opening. There's also Ryvita & rye bread, which may be other possibilities to explore.
    It must be so difficult for you, & my apologies if these further thoughts don't help.

  • OverlyAnxious
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    Thanks again, I really don't want to turn this thread into a food thread though. :) 

    A massive part of trying to change diet (or trying to start meds) is needing to accept that some things WILL cause worse illness and I'm not able to risk that at the moment, no matter how brief that period of worseness is (no, I'm not sure that's a word either!).  I can really only stick to what I know and damage limitation currently.  However even the previously 'safe' food no longer seems to be safe...even the most basic things like toast, crisps or oven chips seem to be causing stomach & bowel issues.

    The dietician was clutching at straws really, I shouldn't have been sent to her, it was a misunderstanding by the GP (one of many!).  There's very little she could do for me...and unfortunately made things worse by suggesting low FODMAP...problem is, that planted the seed of doubt in my mind about ALL low FODMAP items that I was eating at the time potentially making me I cut out as many of those as I could, it didn't make any improvements in symptoms but because the doubt is now there, I can't remove it and go back to trying those things again.  In her 'after action' report, she stated that I was not to reduce my diet any further by going low FODMAP at least until my BMI was higher, but it was far too late by then.  She also misunderstood quite a few of my issues that I wasn't able to explain adequately in person so recommended other things that weren't at all helpful.  This is one of the major problems I have with anything medical having to be done verbally though...if they would accept email I would be able to explain things far better, as I hope comes across on here.  There was actually no reason at all that I needed to be there in person.  As I was there, I did make use of their scales and height measure which I assume to be accurate...was weighed at 55Kg (8.5St) and 6ft1...although I'm also sure that's wrong as I always thought I was just under 6ft! :D   Anyway, the important thing is that I haven't actually lost any weight for over a decade.  I lost about 2 stone in school around 2007 (severe IBS D every morning, restricted diet/food intake due to OCD and stress of GCSE's and 'social' aspect of school) but my weight has remained stable ever since.  

    Fortunately I'm no longer having D every morning (honestly don't know how I got through it looking back now!) but have changing bowel habits constantly, very frequent BMs and seem to have far more coming out than going in!  I'd say about 80% of the time now, the consistency is normal, but it's the frequency and feelings as it moves through that's the biggest problem.  Literally around every hour during the day I'm having to go.  Now, this is the reason that I'm so reluctant to increase my food intake at all (such as an extra sandwich or slice of toast) and have actually reduced portion sizes over the last couple of years because it's so difficult to do anything, get out anywhere and stay out for any length of time without having to go to the loo.  (As a side note, I can't use the loo while I'm out, both because of contamination issues and because I physically can't go when out until it goes the other way and I can't stop, there's no in between!).  The nausea is often caused by 'one in the chamber' (sorry, I can't think of a more appropriate phrase!) and is only reduced once I've been to the loo - which can sometimes take an hour or more while it's moving through the system until I'm ready to go.  At the same time, I'm finding I'm retaining, or producing, massive amounts of urine which also seem to be contributing to this feeling of nausea.  I don't understand why...I don't know if its part of the IBS, or part of the anxiety, or whether there is something else wrong such as kidney stones (a constant worry of mine since the lack of water intake and toilet use at school).  This is something that I can't seem to get across to 'well' people, and is one of the biggest issues I have with trying to go out anywhere.  I have to be totally in control of the vehicle through bumps and corners because of the nausea and even if there were no people at a bus stop (so no contamination or SA issues) I wouldn't be able to wait for a bus or get there on time due to the totally unpredictable nature and high frequency of toilet visits, I need to get from A to B and back to A as soon as possible.  Yet that's completely irrelevant for PIP because I can and do go out alone and drive a car.  I'll have to wait until I'm completely housebound (which is the way it's going unfortunately) until I fit that descriptor. :(

    I have tried some gluten free items (bread, rolls, biscuits etc) but didn't find any improvement with it and of course it's extremely expensive compared to the standard stuff...I wasn't able to fully cut out gluten admittedly though.  My main triggers are onions, garlic, peppers, spices (sorry @thespiceman !) and grease/fat.  Though I also find pretty much all fresh fruit causes problems now, I'm trying to eat a bit of dried instead but that may also be causing issues.  And again, a lot of veg also causes issues. I think Squash/Sweet potato might be causing issues.  I think normal potato might be causing issues...tbh it's just every food! I am slightly lactose intolerant, can't drink milk but am (or was) ok with low lactose stuff such as hard cheese and very thick strained yogurt...  Although that brings me onto another food issue which is mouth feel...I'm extremely sensitive to the texture of food, I can't have anything soft as it makes me gag, and I can't have any thick liquids (milkshake etc) for the same reason.  But I also find hard crunchy food is quite uncomfortable and almost painful against teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue and throat...I assume that's not normal, but don't know whether I'm overly sensitive due to anxiety, or whether I will be the same for the rest of my's something I have wondered about being an ASD trait but that's for another thread!  I also can't eat anything chewy as I feel like it makes all my teeth loose (possibly in my mind, not sure!) and I generally try to avoid sugar as I'm terrified of teeth problems and diabetes in the future.  I also choose low fat items where possible to avoid future consequences...which also generally means low calorie.

    You make a good point about storing food in containers...I find opening the tight packets (such as Ryvita) very difficult without causing contamination to the contents, but then can't store them easily either.  I have tried some individual wrapped Ryvita and Jacobs thins but most of them ended up contaminated during opening and discarded so I end up back at bread again lol.

    I'm also on a ridiculously low food budget because of the way the benefits systems work...  Essentially my biggest problem financially (apart from not being able to work!) is having to live alone due to the OCD, IBS and SA but only being allowed shared rate of housing benefit because of my age.  The HB I receive isn't even half of my rent any more so most of my ESA goes on that, then electric & water (which I use loads of with OCD & IBS), then cleaning products and a bit of diesel to get to the supermarket...and I'm left with very little for food.  This will be even worse once I move as the rent will increase (although it would have increased by the same amount here in a few months so it's a lose:lose situation either way!).  I don't really fit the PIP descriptors despite having some very obvious limitations and outgoings that are specifically caused by my illnesses/conditions but am still hoping to receive something from tribunal eventually, though that's potentially another 6 months away so not helpful at the minute and realistically I'm unlikely to receive anything there.

    So knowing I can't really change food or finances, and really struggling mentally & physically by the end of last year I tried to seek mental help again...after being unsuccessful in the past.  I tried Mind who couldn't offer anything other than their own chat room (which I didn't find helpful at all!) and a crisis number for if things get to that point.  I tried Wellbeing who immediately said my problems were too severe for them and I'd have to be referred elsewhere.  Then went through another 2 assessments eventually ending up at the integrated delivery team, causing a lot of extra anxiety & huge stomach and bowel issues, to ultimately be told that I'm not ready for CBT and there's nothing else they can offer...  So where do I go from here?  Who knows?  I certainly don't...  :| looks like I have turned this into a food thread now! :D
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    Hello @OverlyAnxious   Thank you for sharing .

    I am aware of your history have care and concern of certain members.

    Please if I can explain to you something important, please read carefully.

    You mentioned your food intake.

    I would if you do not mind going through what you eat.

    Because it is something important you need to be aware of . Or not know what your doing.

    I would like to add if you eat the following Crisps, Bread, Oven Chips.

    All have high fibre content excessive amounts of salt.  Oven Chips have 5% fat.

    Crisps are cooked in vegetable oil, you can buy baked still not healthier.

    9% of fat including salt high .

    Any high fibre salt contents will cause bowel problems, stomach issues.

    I used to eat Crisps going to toilet a lot, eat wholemeal bread some contains soya, wheatgerm grain.  All bread is full of iron, calcium and is essential but eat too much .?

    Will move your bowels . Soya in bread can be a laxative allergen.

    Amounts of Salt depends on price, low cheap breads very much pumped full of more the unwanted ingredients, sugar, salt.

    All dried fruit, fruit has many good essential properties and is useful.

    Unfortunately dried fruit used Prunes, Figs, Sultanas, Apricots are full of fibre.

    Squashes, Sweet Potatoes great but guess what full of fibre, cause no allergens not known..

    My view and opinion know if I eat too much  fibre.  What is going to happen, have a lot of fibre and salt.

    Too much fibre, problems begin over active bowels.  Flatulence, bloating, gas, wind.

    High fibre diet can restrict calories.

    Recommendation's fibre intake is a minimum 13g per day, estimates your eating more than that. 18g maximum.

    That is an estimate depends on person, I know if I ate your diet be never off the toilet.

    Your passing water because your thirsty or if you not drinking water the body responds to do this, needs to clear get rid of toxins.

    Drink a glass of water quickly like I did this afternoon.  Hour later toilet.

    One other point the limited intake of vegetables means the stomach as nothing for other foods to be digested with.

    If you just eat many fibre enriched foods the stomach bowels will cause an effect.

    If I eat a lot of fruit such as Peaches, Pears so on have properties to move you.

    Meals mentioned certain textures, I would then eat Soup, Frozen White Fish, Noodles and vegetables, Chicken, Turkey.

    You can buy Chicken frozen in bags. Turkey buy cooked pieces.

    Make a script write down what you wish to say.

    Take a glass cold water sit down rehearse and then be calm used the script to read off.

    So if be like this scenario, I am deaf not good hearing dry mouth .

    Sweating a little bit.

    Script write out.

    Good morning or afternoon  my name is .

    Please if you can advise me, need or can you help.

    So on, do this all the time.

    With any illness it is difficult day to day.  I do understand have compassion empathise have sympathy.

    Please hope this helps you.

    Please if you have any questions happy to help.

    Please take care.


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    Ok, so at the moment I have:

    -2 slices wholemeal toast (cheap bread) with a thin scraping of low fat butter
    -OR granola with dried fruit & fat free, low sugar yogurt (very expensive and high sugar but only way I can get fruit & vitamins) in now)

    -2 glasses tap water

    -Sandwich (2 slices wholemeal bread), 2 slices of pre-sliced/pre-packed cheese (low fat cheddar, Leerdammer light, depends what's on offer that week)
    -1 packet Crisps - Either baked or whole grain crisps
    -Couple of cookies (depending on offers) or couple Mk Kipling style cake slices (again depending on offers)

    -2 glasses tap water

    -Frozen breaded chicken/fish (ones without garlic or onion powder) OR packet cooked ham OR frozen pizza ristorante hawaii (only one without garlic in sauce and very little cheese) OR quiche Lorraine (only ones without onion)
    -Frozen chips (McCain lighter) OR potato waffles OR Frozen roasts
    -Once or twice a week will have frozen veg, either broccoli, carrot or squash - causes too much hassle and anxiety to prepare every day

    - 2 glasses water

    Having massive problems trying to prepare or eat meat & fish because of OCD - even trying to get them out of the box onto a baking tray is a huge task...thought about going vegetarian but can't risk trying soya or fungi based products.  So stuck with the diet I have, I know it's not healthy, but can't change it either.  I'm well aware I'm my own worst enemy!

    I was told to reduce fibre when I'm having D episodes, but most of the time it's closer to C so don't want to risk making that worse either as it's the C that causes more nausea.
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @OverlyAnxious   Thank you for sharing your diet with me.

    I do appreciate it, I thought give you some ideas, I have and do know do not have much money.

    Here is my concern the issues you have is basically too much fibre too much sugar and fat, when we consider low fat options in the manufacturing have to replace this with some thing else.

    Always buy the original there are options choices things you can do ,

    I hope you do not mind but this would be my menu for you.  I do get asked by the way, have had former friends with all sorts of difficulties.

    Alcoholics ruined their stomach so advice recommended.


    Soup either a carton from supermarkets note here..  Chiller cabinets all done for you and there are good, buy the basics ones.

    Soup vegetable based ones or Tomatoes based ones means you finding the right start to the day.

    One other note Breakfast does not mean toast and cereal can mean what ever you wish to.

    Replace low budget bread with whole meal bread buns cheaper and use these store in the freezer. Buy Muffins toasted top with anything you wish to.

    Honey use a squeezy bottle, Marmite. not liking those.

    How about Cottage Cheese and mix in two Eggs scrambled, use microwave dish bowl two eggs.

    Touch of milk butter .

    Eggs this is the clever bit tap and crack in to a mug, any shell can see.  Use teaspoon to get out, no touching .

    few seconds top on Muffins add in Cottage Cheese , low fat good for you source of Calcium.

    Butter Olive Oil spread this is the butter alternative cheaper than low fat spread.

    Low fat spread has a lot of water in it and buttermilk to give the buttery taste.

    Cereal Porridge oats, some brands do sachets portion size, buy not them have additives too much sugar .

    Plain Porridge one tablespoon with milk, water.

    Buy frozen fruit, Berries top with Greek Yoghurt cheap easy and filling.

    I eat this every week add in seeds and nuts apples or pears.

    Apple Pears diced up to a saucepan add touch of honey will slowly turn into a compote, lots of water some sugar .

    Remaining keep in fridge.


    Baked Potatoes frozen microwaved with any tins of fish and Cottage Cheese.

    Or buy soup add to a pan a stock cube and water any veggies freezer.

    I buy Heinz Tomatoes Soup stock cube and water add veggies freezer.

    Pads out a tin, or buy Tinned Spaghetti hoops microwave add in veggies  freezer.

    There is a chef who uses tins in all his recipes learnt a few new ones myself.


    Slow Cooker Chicken.

    Buy frozen Chicken Portions, cooked diced Chicken.  Defrost over night keep it in the bag, buy some freezer bags use tongs to remove Chicken.

    In to a freezer bag to fridge sealed in a box in the fridge to defrost.

    To cook remove Chicken using Tongs then to Slow Cooker.

    Buy Passata large jars of sieved blitzed up tomatoes, stock in a bottle no need for hot water.

    Buy all purpose seasoning got Black Pepper and Salt, herbs or any thing like that.

    Add any vegetables frozen last minute.  You can defrost hot water kettle pan and drain or use a bowl.

    If you can not eat tomatoes use packets of sauce mixes all in powder form, add water and to slow cooker.

    I had as I explained before a former friend who had arms and hands problems so advised. Use tongs or wooden spoons or slotted one .

    I am only making suggestions here.

    Buy frozen fish add to a bag when ready tip it out on to baking tray add tin foil.

    Which you can buy already cut.

    Following frozen vegetables recommended.

    Butternut squash
    Sweet Potatoes
    Green Beans

    Frozen Fruit

    Berries mixes

    Freezer essential 

    Rice whole grain frozen in portion size to microwave.

    Baked Potatoes to microwave.

    Store cupboard essentials .

    Carrots Tins

    Passata jars 

    Tins Spaghetti Hoops.

    Tins Potatoes I buy these hate peeling , hands a problem. Nothing wrong in tins.

    Custard Rice Pudding mini ones for pudding sweets mix with Greek Yoghurt, or Fromage Frais.

    Add in Berries defrosted or frozen fruit defrosted .

    Malt loaf good breakfast item.


    Mini Yoghurts Greek natural four pack. Mueller Rice, Fromage Frais.

    Before you go out do not, first use and look on web pages supermarkets.

    Every Sunday Night if I have to shop next day have a stock list of every item I buy.

    Look on supermarkets web pages did you ever sign up. ?

    Deliver to your door not in the home can leave on the doorstep.

    Might be worth doing I been customer a long time brilliant .

    I would make a list, use the web supermarkets.

    Order when you go on line has sub total right hand side can use for budgets.

    Please can I add finally that I had a situation with income of £30 a week to live on for a month.

    Most of what I added ideas I still use, make one other do five ingredients max.

    Means a time saver and money saver.

    Hope this helps you.

    I would also speak to the links I provided before the mental health charities because this where you learn how to adapt.

    Used a lot of outside agencies, associations and others to visit the support groups.

    Please whatever you decide your decision just want you know there are answers and solutions.

    If you did apply never know the charity concerned be helping you as they did me.

    Please take care.


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  • OverlyAnxious
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    Thank you @thespiceman .  There's still a large amount there I can't do unfortunately though.  I feel awful that you put so much time and effort into these suggestions which is partly why I didn't really want to make this a food thread. :( 

    I can't eat soup, porridge, cottage cheese or tomato sauce/passata as it's all too soft.  Also can't eat rice or noodles due to the 'bitty' texture (probably a better name for that!).  Things need to be firm and in large lumps essentially (sounds appetising I know haha! :D )

    I don't have a microwave, slow cooker or kettle.  Can't trust microwaves or slow cookers to cook food thoroughly - everything I cook in the oven has to black & burnt...and even then I still don't trust it to be cooked.  Also have a big fear about spilling boiling kettle water so don't even own one.  Only ever drink cold water anyway.  

    You also mention breaking eggs into a mug, or picking up raw meat with tongs.  But unfortunately all those utensils would have to be washed afterwards and I feel like they're contaminating all other washing instead of becoming clean themselves.  So any sort of raw meat prep is completely out...even something as simple as cutting a raw chicken packet with scissors would create huge amounts of anxiety and cleaning rituals and be near impossible.

    I also can't do any 'building' of a meal, it really needs to be as simple as scraping something from a baking tray onto a plate, or placing something between 2 slices of bread, don't even have butter in sandwiches as it causes too much extra hassle.

    I do really appreciate your suggestions though...I almost forget myself just how much I'm unable to do in terms of food preparation!
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @OverlyAnxious   Thank you for sharing.

    Please do not apologise for ever asking me or me giving you advice.

    Please my concerns and care is these too much fibre, over stimulated bowel end result.

    Too much salt and sugar and the diet has also a lot of implications for making more health concerns.

    Understand consulted my information and sources I have.

    Do keep a lot of important material especially about the science of food.

    Work of Doctor Ian Marber, who has done a  lot of work on diets, nutrition.

    In my opinion you would need a lot of food exposure, hypnotherapy, and also a lot of persuasion, and confidence over a period of time.

    If we think we have aversion to a food the body's reaction is to send a signal to the brain reminding reason why.

    Can be childhood memory or other deep down problems reasons.

    Hypnotherapy is making your brain send the right message to cope. Paul McKenna the hypnotist fascinating books have a look on lots of food, diet and much more.

    Did you know if use a bowl to eat out of. Pasta Bowls and others the portions are restricted so the brain and stomach see the smaller portions and react so.

    Means that they stop you eating more.

    Also you need food exposure going to places where food is manufactured and made, created. How is every product made.

    You might have to carry that product around with you. This something might put your emotions, stress anxiety to the limits but that is the exceptional cases.

    Recently know of people who had food aversions, OCD on many lifestyle programmes. Some were vegan or vegetarian wanted to eat meat.

    After a due process many have gone in to the kitchens chefs and cooks.

    That is the only way forward in my opinion.

    As for slow cookers and the use of them nothing wrong in giving it a go.

    I do think what is needed is some one who can help you here to explain and be reassuring.

    In the end I use them because it helps me a lot.

    I was clueless using ovens, kitchen equipment till I went to volunteer at charities.  In the kitchens used knives and much more hot pans and all of that.

    There are answers to all the issues you have is how and  when you want to try anything I suggest your decisions, have lots to share.

    Often went in Curry's how does this work, please can I ask.?  Friendly staff new microwaves touch buttons,, timers as does Slow Cookers all different now.

    New blender will write down instructions to use.

    One other point met a lot of men who had learning difficulties no idea how to cook or make meals.

    Living on sandwiches, one man remember well lived on Fish Fingers and beans chips for a long time, then switched to Chicken and chips and was getting angry annoyed with him self.

    Another one Cornflakes and Crackers so many one former friend had the Steak chips and salad every day, so much so had to have it.

    On his wedding day meal while guests eating other foods.

    All been a challenge to be supportive, and given my time to help.

    Hope that gives you some reassurance.

    Please if I can advise ask me anything your not alone.

    Please take care.




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    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • OverlyAnxious
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    **UPDATE 27/02/20**

    Hmm, wasn't sure whether to start another thread or continue this one but as there's already plenty of background info in this on I'll stick with it!  I'm still awaiting the moving date but have been putting in extra effort with getting out and doing more exercises.  Sadly my food intake has continued to get worse for the evening meal but I'm trying to make up for that during the day, I know it's not overly healthy but the amount of calories per day should be the same or slightly more than before.  I'm fairly sure I'll end up getting diagnosed with a less common form of eating disorder and end up in hospital eventually but there's nothing I can do about  that right now!  The move is the first thing to deal with...

    Anyway, everything I've been trying so far has made no difference to the amount of 'effort' I have or the wobbly/lightneadedness I feel after even a small exertion!  It comes on very quickly (within seconds) and doesn't pass for hours.  In fact, when it happens at Nan's, it doesn't pass until I'm home and have been to the loo and had a shower and started preparing dinner.  It happened yesterday...all I did was vacuum 3 rooms (not even half her house and the vacuum bag needs changing so it's down on suction!) and I was absolutely knackered, I honestly thought I was going to pass out in her bathroom or in the car on the way home, or in my own bathroom when I got back...which is terrifying tbh.  I live alone so if I do collapse and hit my head on the basin or drown in the shower no one would know for a week or more...  Imagine the water bill!! :D But seriously, I have passed out before (it was a mid-summer DPT injection at school back in 2006, I was already scared of needles and of course I hadn't eaten anything due to my OCD & eating problems aren't anything new!) and it's not something I want to ever repeat!!

    What I really don't understand though, is that it happens far sooner than I would normally have eaten (eating is so difficult for me that I never have afternoon snacks) and it eventually clears on it's own, without having to eat or drink anything at all.  If it was calorie related, or low blood sugar related, surely I would need to eat something sugary for it to pass? :|  

    (PS - Yes, I know 'go to the GP' and have tests but it's not an option for me, especially with Corona around atm!)
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @OverlyAnxious, thank you for updating us. I'm sorry you have continued to feel lightheaded. This could be your blood pressure.

    Here is some information about fainting from the NHS. If you are worried but don't want to go to the GP then feel free to call 111 to see if they can offer any advice.

    Best of luck with the move!


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