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Advice about EHCP

Amor1amor1 Member Posts: 2 Listener
I've just joined this community and looking for some advice. My child has a ehcp he is in primary school and gets funding for a full time 1-1. However he doesn't have a support worker in the classroom at all, he goes out of the classroom for short tasks and spends around 1 hour per week with a support worker. I have spoken to senco who is his actual teacher and she along with the inclusion worker and head teacher states he is getting the adequate amount of support for the funding they get for him.
I feel so angry because they think i was born yesterday by fobbing me off, i know enough primary school teachers to have been told they are probably using my childs funding to pay a TA or other things apart from it being spent on my childs needs. We recently had parents evening and were told our child struggles with communication and understanding things in the classroom and with groups, so surly he should have his support worker with him.
If anyone has any advice i would really appreciate it. We have our annual review in March so i need to get prepared for their excuses.
Thank you 



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