Physical impairments and mobility issues
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Custom made walking frames

Hey guys I was just wondering: if you have a custom made walking frame, how long did it take for it to be made and did you have to pay for it?


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    I've had adaptions but they were on the NHS, so not completely custom made!

  • icarusicarus Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    hi I lost both legs below knee in an accident about 8 years ago 
    the rule for equipment supplied seems to be as cheap as possible and minimal 
    nearly forgot--- also as slow to supply as possible
    anything with a disability equipment tag on it immediately becomes extortionately priced in the private sector
    so I have resorted to making what i need myself.disgusted by the charges for mobility scooter and power chair repair
    i have handmade tricycles  step through frame bicycles, home made swimming fins etc.   if you know what changes you want i can make it. Probably start with a second hand walking frame and chop and change as needed. until it works well.  Everyone will scream "you cant do that! "  "What if you fall? what about the health and safety aspects!!"   I personally know that compared with the mental anguish of being limited by poor or no equipment  its worth the risk------ Everything in life is a risk ,risk assessment is just a fancy name for planning  sensible behaviour     If all else fails  just post what you need doing . and i will help you make it then if we put pictures of it being made on youtube  lots of people can benefit       
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