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Work capability benefit

I am so confused with uc My son has autism and gets PIP and now universal credit. 
He has monthly notes from the doctors to say he finds the weekly interviews too stressful and should be reduced. The work coach has reduced this to every other week and this is still too stressful for him. He will barely speak when he is there. 
He would like to get a job but he is finding it so difficult and his lack of communication is the key problem. He was not too bad at college just managing. 
Im wondering if he maybe better to sign up for limited work capability to take all this stress off him. 
I understand you get more money for this. 
However if he wanted to get a job whilst he is claiming this benefit is that okay, as in would the doctor say he can’t work until the sick note for this runs out, or can he start a job if he wants too.  I understand it takes 13 weeks to get assessed for this benefit, so In the meantime would he still have to go for these interviews. Apparently he has to do this to get the UC


  • poppy123456
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    HI and welcome,

    As he's already claiming UC and sending in fit notes from his GP then this will prompt a referral for a work capability assessment, which should be after 29 days of sending in the fit note. Sometimes they don't refer you when they should do so i'd advise you to speak to his work coach to ask them to do this. Once this is done he'll be sent the work capability assessment form to fill in and return with all his supporting evidence.

    Once they receive the form back he'll most likely have to attend a work capability assessment, similar to PIP but different criteria. Once the decision is made if he's awarded LCWRA then he'll receive an extra £336 per month from the 4th month of this claim starting from when he sent his first fit note. It's not 13 weeks because that's the ESA assessment period and the waiting time is different for limited capability for work under UC.

    If he's given just LCW then he won't receive any extra money each month.

    Yes, he will be able to work and claim this but he will need to be careful because if the work he does contradicts the reasons why he's claiming limited capability for work then he could be reassessed early and the decision could go against him.

    Hope this helps.

  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @summerlazydays12 and welcome to the community. 

    I'm sorry your son is finding it so stressful. When you say he's getting monthly notes from the doctor, do you mean fit notes or just notes to ask for his weekly meetings to be reduced?

    I would suggest he goes down the WCA route as it would benefit him in a few ways. To do this he would need to begin handing fit notes from his GP in to the Jobcentre. These don't necessarily mean he won't have to work search or meet with his work coach although his work coach is able to use their discretion to alter his commitments and a fit note can help with this. 

    After 29 days of handing in fit notes, he should be sent a UC50 form to fill in. After this they'll arrange an assessment. There are long waiting times in most areas and it isn't necessarily just 13 weeks, so the sooner you get started the better. 

    Even if he ends up getting a job this would help him as it would entitle him to a 'work allowance' on UC (an amount he can earn before they begin lowering his UC due to his wages).

    If he's found to have LCW (Limited Capability to Work) or LCWRA (Limited Capability to Work and Work Related Activities) he can still work but if they think the work he does contradicts his reason for claiming LCW/LCWRA it may trigger a re-assessment. If he's found to have LCW, there isn't any extra money for this but he won't have to work search but may have to have occasional meetings with a work coach. If he is found to have LCWRA, this adds an extra £336 a month to his UC and as I mentioned before, both groups would entitle him to a work allowance. 
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  • summerlazydays12
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    they are work fit notes which the doctor stresses to reduce his weekly meetings because of his stress levels. 
    I haven’t been spoken to about a form 50. The meetings with the coach stresses him out so much. I know they are only trying to help but talk of training etc make him worse. He doesn’t want to hear about help with disabilities as he just gets angry. 
    I think he will refuse to attend soon, so will they stop his money then.

  • Adrian_Scope
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    Sorry for repeating some information, I didn't notice @poppy123456's reply when I posted my own. 

    Unfortunately @summerlazydays12, if he refuses to take part in the meetings if they are part of his commitments he may find they'll sanction him and stop his money. It really is in his best interest to get on the WCA track as soon as possible. 

    If he's already been handing in fit notes for more than 29 days, you could help him pop a note on his journal (under service issues of payment so they go to his Case Manager) and request he is referred for a WCA and sent a UC50. Or give them a call and do the same. 
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